Senior Spotlight – Hannah Erickson

Q: What are your expectations for the season? A: The expectations for the season are pretty high both individually and as a team. I currently have a broken wrist, so I am looking to not let this be any major setback and continue to improve from the fall season. As for the team as a whole, we are looking to improve our scoring average as … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Hannah Erickson

Senior Spotlight – Danny Kimlinger

Q: What are your expectations for the season? A: I’m very excited for this season. With a new coaching staff and one of–if not the biggest– recruiting classes Gustavus baseball has had I am expecting a very fun and successful year. From freshmen like Matt “Hulk” Berkner to seniors like Joe “The Wonderkid” Melles we have a lot of depth and promising amount of talent. … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Danny Kimlinger

Senior Spotlight – Emily Reibert

Q: Has this season lived up to your expectations? A: This season hasn’t lived up to my expectations. My freshman year was so much different because we didn’t lose a game up until we made it to the Final Four. This year has been a bit of a roller coaster. I think that if we continue to focus on the things we can control the … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Emily Reibert

Senior Spotlight – Rachel Dargis

Q: What are your goals for the season? A: My goal is for the team to score a 183 or higher this season! Q: What is your best athletic memory? A: My favorite memory as a gymnast at Gustavus would be our pre-meet dance parties in the locker room. Q: Why would you recommend Gustavus? I would recommend Gustavus because it is a place that … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Rachel Dargis

Senior Spotlight – Chad Poppen

Q: What are your personal goals for the season? A: My goals for the season are ones focused on the success of the team. Bringing a MIAC regular season and playoff title home are something the team has strived for since last season. In accomplishing those goals we hope they lead to a birth in the national tournament, but for now we are focused on … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Chad Poppen

Senior Spotlight – Darren Lapic

Q: What are your expectations for the season? A: The expectation for the season is the same every year, win the MIAC playoff championship. That should never change knowing the rich history of Gustavus Hockey. We lost several key players from last year’s team that are missed but we can’t make excuses. This year’s teams needs to depend on overall role team play rather than … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Darren Lapic

Senior Spotlight – Chris Narum

Q: What are your expectations for the season? A: Our expectation is to put ourselves in a situation to have success in postseason play. We believe in our team and by staying focused on the process we will be in a good position. Q: What is your best athletic memory? A: Last year when St. Thomas came here the atmosphere was electric. Having such great … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Chris Narum

Senior Spotlight – Sydney Dirks

Dirks considers the atmosphere from the “bubble” as one of her strongest memories from Gustavus. Q: What are your expectations for the season? A: Even though I am suppose to “expect” nothing in tennis, I secretly have very high expectations for our team this year. We got a great freshman class which really helps and only lost one senior last year. The girls and I … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Sydney Dirks

Senior Spotlight – Becca Woodstra

Q: What are your expectations for the season? A: I had high expectations for my senior season. I knew we had some great talent coming in and that each and every person on the team was recommitted and ready to work hard.  An effort was made to move from a “good” team to a “great” team. Goals are set to win the conference and make … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Becca Woodstra