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Gustie of the Week

Gustie of the Week – Luke Israel

Luke shows his dedication as a worker in all his extracurricular activities.

It is the beginning of a new semester with brand new opportunities. Greek life, clubs, and organizations on campus have been capturing the interest of Gusties since day one. Being overinvolved happens to the best of students, to the point […]

Gustie of the Week – Janet Jennings

Expect a bright smile and warm attitude while talking to Janet.

A Collegiate Fellow embodies community, service and inspires excellence. A Collegiate Fellow is a friendly resource to the residents of their hall and develops relationships. Gustavus’s Residential Life staff pride themselves on finding individuals that can lead and uphold the college’s […]

Gustie of the Week – Sean O’Connell

Sean brings his infectious enthusiasm to the laboratory.

As the school year starts, a number of social fraternities and sororities are preparing for fall recruitment, welcoming those who want to “Go Greek.” Fraternities and sororities allow students to gain skills in management, take part in a number of […]

Gustie of the Week – Anna Batz

Anna’s involvement in music programs carries on the traditions of her Gustie family.

A Peer Assistant is a link between student and faculty, serving as a listening ear for what’s going on at campus. They promote awareness to issues regarding healthy lifestyles. One woman who embodies all the qualities one should find in a […]

Gustie of the Week – Sun Hee Lee

Sun Hee was recently awarded tenure at Gustavus.

If you ask her students what they appreciate most about Professor Sun Hee Lee of the English department, it’s that she truly cares about each of her students individual success. Students spoke of her approachability, calm and down-to-earth demeanor, and […]

Gustie of the Week – Emma Jasnoch

Emma’s friends describe her as brilliant, funny, and passionate.

What do you call someone who is extremely hard working, intelligent, and hilarious? Emma Jasnoch. Emma is a senior with double majors in Spanish and Latin American, Latino/a and Caribbean Studies (LALACS) who, is consistently described as intelligent by her […]

Gustie of the Week – Reid Larson

Reid’s friends describe him as caring, loyal, and funny.

There’s a certain kind of competiveness and desire to get things done to the best and fullest of one’s abilities that you don’t find in just anyone, but Junior Reid Larson is one of those people. One humorous example is […]

Gustie of the Week – Caroline David

Caroline’s friends describe her as fun and emotionally intelligent.

One aspect of a liberal arts education is learning as much as you can across different disciplines to gain a deeper understanding of how fields of knowledge intersect and interplay with each other and to become a well rounded person. […]

Gustie of the Week – Thomas Buan

Thomas’ transformation into Hamm for his Senior Honor’s project in Endgame.

If you’ve met him you more than likely remember him because Senior Theatre Honors major Thomas Buan is a man who doesn’t hold back in showing his passion and conviction for the things he cares about. “Thomas is loud and […]

Gustie of the Week – Ted Rosenback

As Marketplace Supervisor, Ted is always happy to jump in wherever help is needed in the caf.

As a child, Ted Rosenback’s father taught him that grey is not a color. Now the Marketplace Supervisor at Gustavus, Ted understands the meaning of his father’s lesson and continues to live by it. “Obviously he knew that grey is […]