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Gustie of the Week

Gustie of the Week

While in Nepal, Megan helped deliver a baby who would be named after her.

Since transferring to Gustavus in the spring of her sophomore year, Megan has become a role model to many. For others, she has become a hero. Megan found herself driving home every weekend during her time at the College of […]

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Kory Kolis

Kory is enjoying success after four years of hard work. One of his art pieces is featured in the Hillstrom Museum and was purchased by Gustavus.

While many would struggle to find any relation between Biology and Studio Art, senior Kory Kolis is a testament to the liberal arts education as he’s taken an interest in both. He’s found his own way to contribute to the […]


Friends describe Haley as authentic, confident, and a good example for others.

When asked about their first impression of Junior Haley Coller, every one of her friends answered that they were immediately drawn toward her genuine and contagious laughter. As each of them grew closer to Haley, it didn’t take long to […]

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Daniel Felton

In the future he hopes to open his own school for music and help students study their own interests.

During his first couple of years at Gustavus, now senior Daniel Felton went through many of the normal doubts about his decision to attend the College. Social issues coupled with the rigor of academia and desire to fit in seemed […]

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Matt Rasmussen

After graduating from Gustavus the year of the tornado, Matt volunteered for the Peace Corps in Papua New Guina from 1999 to 2001.

As a first-year student at Gustavus, Matt Rasmussen had his eyes set on a major in Computer Science, but like the typical college student, he soon found greater passions elsewhere. Unlike the average college student, those passions have brought him […]

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Hayley Nemmers

Hayley is involved in many campus organizations, including Fair Trade, Diversity Leadership council, and Gustavus Ambassadors.

As a family oriented and somewhat introverted person, Junior Hayley Nemmers still gets sick for her home back in Des Moines, Iowa. However, as a social justice oriented leader and outgoing, cheerful student, Hayley has found herself a comfortable niche […]

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Bobby Rasmussen

Bobby was recently elected co-president of the Student Senate.

Since the sixth grade, Junior Bobby Rasmussen had always dreamed of attending Indiana’s University of Notre Dame. It wasn’t until he received the letter of rejection that he gave Gustavus a chance, weary of following in the footsteps of his […]

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Donte Curtis

Donte is a BU coach, a Gustie Guide, and a peer educator in the Diversity Center.

As a senior, Donte Curtis often reflects on his senior year in high school and his college application process. After being met with the same enthusiasm and hospitality that he now shares with others in the community, Donte believes that […]

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Lesley Darling

Friends describe Lesley as humble, smart, contemplative, and inspired.

Senior Lesley Darling describes herself as “not the typical overly involved Gustie.” If you asked her for a list of the organizations she’s involved in on campus, this may seem accurate. However, if you dig a little deeper than the […]

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Addie Konnad

Addie’s contagious excitement and enthusiasm has led to her many friendships with students and professors alike.

As a fourth generation Gustie and the ninth member of her family to attend Gustavus, Junior Addie Konnad had considered other colleges after high school with the support of her family, but says nowhere else compared to the friendliness and […]