The Gustavian Weekly


Gusties Gear Up For The 2016 Election

Students gather on Tuesday night to discuss Democratic candiates in the upcoming presidential election.

On Tuesday December 8, students gathered in Gustavus’ Konfer- ensum, Campus Center for anelection information meeting on the Democratic candidates of the presiden- tial election in November of 2016. The night was broken down into four sections that highlighted democratic […]

Student Senate Stays Busier Than Ever

Student Senate gathers for a Monday night meeting discussing the issues’ on campus and what can be done.

This year Student Senate has been taking a bigger initiative to be more accessible to the Gustavus community and their students. They have changed a number of different aspects since last year in order to accommodate student’s wants and needs. […]

The Diversity Center Wraps Up Their Search

The Diversity Center is a positive, welcoming environment for all Gustavus' students, faculty, and staff, located on campus.

The Diversity Center and Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services make it a mission and overall goal to provide leadership for positive and equitable change that creates a welcoming and supportive environment for Gustavus students, faculty and staff. The Diversity […]

Christmas in Christ Chapel extends Worldwide

Every year, Gustavus chooses a special theme and message to organize their famous Christmas in Christ Chapel performance around. Last year’s theme centered on the exploration of the significance of Jesus’ birth 2,000 years ago through cosmic dimensions. However, this […]

Campus Remembers International Tragedy; Professors Plan “Teach-In” to Discuss and Reflect

Students gather to remember the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks.

In lieu of the recent terrorst attacks that have occured all over the world in the last couple months, including Paris being one of the more disastrous of them. It was the evening of November 13, 2015 when a series […]

Hmong New Year is a Celebration of Connection

hmong new year

Hmong American Cultural Outreach (HACO) led Gustavus in a celebration of the Hmong New Year on Nov. 13 and 14. HACO kicked off the celebration last Friday when they held Open Mic from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Courtyard […]

Gustavus Students Explore New Solar Plant

Solar panels are a form of clean energy and help redue our carbon footprint.

With winter on the way, there is no better time for Gusties to recognize the power of weather and increase their awareness of the environment. Before the negative temperatures of traditional Minnesota winters begin, tours were given at Gustavus last […]

Students Stand in Solidarity with Mizzou

Students marched from the campus center to the front of Old Main, chanting “No violence, no hate.”

In light of the recent high-profile racial incidences surrounding the University of Missouri- Mizzou, Gustavus students came together on campus to march from Charles Jackson Campus to Old Main and back in support of Mizzou’s students. The march, organized by […]

S.T.L.F. Pays it Forward Again

Students Today, Leaders Forever members gather for a meeting.

Students Today, Leader Forever is an organization formed in 2003 by a group of U of M students. Since 2003, they have expanded their organization throughout the nation to college campuses, recruiting eager college students looking to make a difference […]

Gustavus Professors’ First Book Publications

Sharon Marquart and Blake Couey's books, respectively.

The Bookmark hosted a book release event for Professors Blake Couey of the Religion Department and Sharon Marquart of the French on October 29. Couey’s book Reading the poetry of First Isaiah: The most perfect model of the prophetic Poetry […]