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The search for a Title IX coordinator continues: Gustavus looks to hire additional administrative staff to work on prevention of Title IX cases

Gustavus Adolphus College is home to many students and faculty who eagerly await the addition of a Title IX Coordinator to the family, who will bring knowledge and new ideas to campus.

While attending Gustavus Adolphus College, it is important that all students are in a safe and welcoming environment. The college has made significant progress in trying to inform students of by sending emails to the whole student body. Although that […]

Vandalism effects student bus service: Damage to the Nicollet County Bank cause Gus Bus to lose a stop

The Gus Bus has become a staple around campus as its popularity has continued growing throughout the years. Sponsored by the Student Senate, it offers rides to students on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday each week. The Nicollet County Bank no […]

Gustavus community shines light on (un)happiness: Organizations on campus prepare to host three-week series of workshops

A series of (Un)happy workshops will be happening on Mondays from 7:00 to 9:00 pm in The Dive. The first session is on Nov. 14. The workshops consist of three different topics, and were created through a collaboration between the […]

Student body shook up by Trump’s victory, Building Bridge organizes sit-in to console

In light of recent election results, students have come to gather in many forms. Both the Diversity Center and Members of the Provost Office reached out to students to offer comfort and solace in times of uncertianty. Building Bridges chose to organize a sit-in (pictured above) to give students a shared space to express their feelings and fears of marginalization and oppression.

Tri-Sigma encourages students to get moving: Sorority hosts annual Zumbathon to raise money for the ‘March of Dimes’

Greek life is known for their philanthropy events that aid various sorts of organizations. The most recent Greek event is Tri-Sigma’s annual Zumbathon. The Zumbathon is being hosted on Sunday, Nov. 13 in the Lund Aerobics room. The money raised […]

Students found new language club: Gusties collaborate with Culpepper to provide students with opportunity to explore the world of sign language

S-I-G-N, spelt out in sign language.

For many, sign language is something one was taught in first grade for a day and something that piques one’s interest when it is mentioned, but no actions are typically taken after. Many often gloss over it when talking about […]

Students join protest at Standing Rock

Individuals all over the nation have gotten involved with the Standing Rock movement. While some indivduals will travel to sacride land to protest, others choose to protest in solidarity in various locations as a way of showing their support for the movement. Supporters face various obstacles and challenges in each situation but all keep the same message at heart, ‘people before pipelines’.

For many Gustavus students, Fall Break was a time for relaxation, catching up on laundry, spending time with family, and eating home cooked meals. However, for eight Gustavus students, they used the break to make a difference. Seniors Sam Keillor, […]

The Diversity Leadership Council lose big member: Gustavus College Republicans decide to leave the DLC implying that their opinions have been disregarded

As the Gustavus Community, is often satisfied knowing that their opinions are heard. They feel assured that their freedom of thought is being protected and that they have the ability to be a part of groups that will listen to […]

Bring on the Ballot Bowl: Minnesota’s Secretary of State asks colleges to participate in voter pre-registration contest

Gustavus Adolphus History course Modern Propaganda created posters encouraging students to go out and vote in this years election.

Try as one might there is no escaping this election season. Every media outlet one frequents tends to have at least one article a day covering one of the infamous candidates for the presidency. Even if one turns on the […]

Correction from issue 5

The Gustavus Interfaith Lodge will be building a Sukkah on campus on Sunday Oct. 16 as part of the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. Traditional those of the Jewish faith would eat meals in the Sukkah during this time. The Sukkah will be open to all students to explore and experience this holiday. At 11:30 on Sunday the Sukkah will be traditionally decorated.

The Gustavian Weekly acknowledges and apologizes for a misrepresentation of the Chaplain’s office views in last weeks front page article ‘Faculty conclude vote in favor of commencement changes’. The Chaplain’s office maintains that commencement should be held on Sunday. The […]