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Jupiter Ascending descends into dissapointment

Despite having a strong cast of well known actors, the film fell short in quality and writing.

Like M. Night Shamylan, the Wachowski Brothers have arguably hit their peak too early in their career, and have not succeeded in gaining that former glory since. To be fair, their peak came in the form of The Matrix, one […]

Gustavus Ensembles fill the hill with music

Featuring six ensembles of various woodwind instruments, The Woodwind Chamber Ensemble Concert works to create a memorable performance. Along with BrassWorks, the yearly concert is a combination of all pieces rehearsed by each ensemble. The Woodwind Chamber Ensemble will consists […]

Choir of Christ Chapel brings it home

After their Minnesota tour and plenty of rehearsal time, the Choir of Christ Chapel is going to perform their 2015 Home Concert.

The school year is coming to a close and many Gusties are preparing concluding projects and performances, including the Choir of Christ Chapel. The Choir will be performing its 2015 Home Concert after going on a short tour in Minnesota. […]

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Kory Kolis

Kory is enjoying success after four years of hard work. One of his art pieces is featured in the Hillstrom Museum and was purchased by Gustavus.

While many would struggle to find any relation between Biology and Studio Art, senior Kory Kolis is a testament to the liberal arts education as he’s taken an interest in both. He’s found his own way to contribute to the […]

Discovery of Self combines forms of visual art

The senior honor project focuses on finding and expressing oneself.

Discovery of Self, taking place this weekend, is a Dance Honors Project providing an extraordinary combination of visual arts and dance. Sponsored by the Department of Theatre and Dance, The Discovery of Self is Jordan Bergman’s senior honor project. For […]

Life of WWII hero recognized in historical thriller

The film includes talented actors like Charles Dance and Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Imitation Game was one of the notable films of 2014 thanks to the number of nominations it received, particularly from the Academy Awards. Even though the film did not win much, this recognition brought the film more attention. The […]

Swedish Artist-In-Residence shares work and wisdom

Aase Berg spoke at the Melva Lind Interpretive Center on April 22.

Q: What was your role in the Surrealistförlaget group? A: It’s called The Surrealist Group of Stockholm (Surreslistgruppen I Stockholm). I wasn’t one of the founding members, but I joined them in an early state. We did a lot of […]


Friends describe Haley as authentic, confident, and a good example for others.

When asked about their first impression of Junior Haley Coller, every one of her friends answered that they were immediately drawn toward her genuine and contagious laughter. As each of them grew closer to Haley, it didn’t take long to […]

Movie goers look forward to blockbuster summer

With the Avengers: Age of Ultron landing in theaters next week, the summer blockbuster season will officially begin. Followed by a plethora of action movies, sequels, comedies, and animated films, the silver screen will be shining brightly all summer. With […]

Jazz Cover Singer Serenades St. Peter

Kim Krulish Jazz Cover Singer Serenades St. Peter Area Music enthusiasts around St. Peter are in for a treat this Friday, April 24. Soft jazz cover singer Maud Hixson will be performing at the Treaty Site History Center in St. […]