The Gustavian Weekly


The Hillstrom Museum showcases sporting and english animals

The four sections in this season’s gallery capture the true feeling of the English landscapes in the 19th century.

The title of the current art collection in the Hillstrom Museum is The Very English Ambience of It All. The collection consists of four different sections entitled: “Livestock”, “Racing”, “Pets”, and “Foxhunting”. Given by Dr. Stephen and Martha Penkhus, these […]

Prepare to be amazed, Kid Ace is coming to campus

Kid Ace has shown America that he has plenty of tricks up his sleeves. Now he’s bringing his magical charms 
to Gustavus and multiple colleges across the country.

If you’re a big fan of America’s Got Talent, you may have seen illusionist and magician Kid Ace as part of The Harlem James Gang, who made it to the top twenty in season three of the show. But since […]

Secret Life of Pets provides family fun

Secret Life of Pets is a cute, family-friendly picture that will bring a smile to people of all ages.

From the people who brought us Despicable Me and The Lorax comes the family friendly animated comedy The Secret Life of Pets. A children’s film that focuses on what our pets do after we leave for the day. Illumination Entertainment […]

Gustie of the Week – Preston Schlueter

Preston is known on campus for his distinct, fancy style and manners.

The crisp shirts, the pressed pants, the nifty hats—even if you’ve never met him in person, you can still recall seeing this sharply dressed man out and about on campus. Always one to give a cheerful smile, Preston Schlueter is […]

Tales from Abroad – Shelby Pankratz

Shelby indulges in a beloved Italian cuisine: Gelato!

Last spring semester I studied abroad in the bustling town of Florence, Italy. Over 4,750 miles and 110 days away from home, I visited 28 cities in a total of six countries and had the absolute time of my life. […]

Concerning a Campus Concert Collective

The Gustavus Music Collective aims to fix the deficiency of established musical events, locations,
and promotion for local and informal music on campus.

These are dire times for the campus music lover. While tons of very good, formal, sit-down recitals and concerts abound, the frustrated concertgoer in search of musicians not wearing ties and black blouses is forced to forgo the college on […]

Get in or out of the Game with Nerve

Nerve stars Dave Franco and Emma Roberts, who become addicted to a life-threatening game.

R elevancy seems to be the one selling point of today’s modern movies. What, with Purge: Election Day and Finding Dory, everything in popular culture is calling back to something present in our lives. Therefore, it’s not too tough to […]

Gustie of the Week – Anna St. Dennis

Anna has a caring personality that is respected by a number of her peers.

Most students are extremely dedicated to everything that they do here at Gustavus. From academics, to on-campus jobs and activities, and being friendly to everyone they meet, being a Gustie requires a lot, and Anna St. Dennis is as Gustie […]

Tales from Abroad – Ben Keran

Japan offered Ben a number of life-lessons through its influential citizens.

Growing up, I won’t say I was bull-headed, but I think I could have easily been described as stubborn. I tended (and still do) to think that my opinion, whether it was well documented or not, was always clearly the […]

The Nobel Concert: A Finer Side of Science

The Gustavus musicians are hard at work preparing for this year’s Nobel Conference Concert.

Students are settled into their dorms, the leaves show signs of contemplating color changes, and professors have (hopefully) stopped revising their syllabi. It is time to welcome the 52nd Nobel Conference to our quaint campus. This year’s conference arrives earlier […]