Standing up for what’s right (human rights!)

Emma Esteb – Staff Writer The last Lyrical Café of the semester is an exciting opportunity to make some noise, speak out about injustices, and have your voice be heard. The Lyrical Café is happening at 6:30 PM on December 10 at the Dive. The Center for Inclusive Excellence (CIE) has been hosting this event monthly since February 2021. The goal of the CIE is “to … Continue reading Standing up for what’s right (human rights!)

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Peter Neuman

Korrie Wojack – Staff Writer What defines a Gustie of the Week? It is hard to say, especially because all of our Gusties bring so much diversity and unique perspectives to our campus life. Some are leaders, some are builders. Some are creators, some are inventors, and some are researchers. Some see the fantastical hope with a glass always half full, while others bring level headed … Continue reading GUSTIE of the WEEK: Peter Neuman

PASO Hosts Kwanzaa Celebration for All

Kaitlin McCoskey – Staff Writer As the holidays draw nearer, people everywhere are preparing to celebrate their own holidays with their own unique traditions. On Thursday, December 2, the Pan Afrikan Student Organization (PASO) hosted a Kwanzaa celebration for the Gustavus student body. Among the planners for this event were board members Vanessa Kiriago, Bella Nduwayezu, and Wendy Nyachwaya, and they shared their experiences in PASO … Continue reading PASO Hosts Kwanzaa Celebration for All

Tips and tricks for finals

Korri Wojack – Staff Writer It’s no big surprise that finals are a huge source of stress for most students. With many students it can make or break their final grade, and with the average of 3-4 finals per student, that is a lot of pressure. This stress is often worsened by inadequate coping techniques and pressure from both internal and external sources. Lack of sleep, … Continue reading Tips and tricks for finals

GUSTIE of the WEEK: Habeke Bekele

Michaela Woodward – Staff Writer This Gustie of the Week came to Gustavus seeking a welcoming community and a new atmosphere, and that is exactly what she found. Senior Habeke Bekele was born in Ethiopia before her family moved to Washington D.C. in 2008. Now, she calls both D.C. and Minnesota home. “I was very adamant about pursuing higher education just because my parents did not, … Continue reading GUSTIE of the WEEK: Habeke Bekele

Rededicating the light of Hanukkah

Emma Esteb – Staff Writer The Multifaith Leadership Council (MLC) hosted a Hanukkah event at 5:00 p.m. on Nov 30 in the Heritage Room. The event consisted of a small Hanukkah celebration. They lit the Menorah which signifies the creation of the earth in seven days, with the center light representing the Shabbat. The Menorah is made up of seven lamps which emphasize human knowledge and the … Continue reading Rededicating the light of Hanukkah

De-Stress is the best for the rest of the semester

Emma Esteb – Staff Writer The stress of finals and the last push towards the end of the semester is fast approaching. The Peer Assistants (PA’s) are hosting their annual De-Stress Fest from 6-8 PM in the 3 Crowns Room/Heritage Room/Center for Inclusive Excellence on Nov. 17. This event gives students the opportunity to make their own aromatherapy socks or decorate mugs, learn about the positives … Continue reading De-Stress is the best for the rest of the semester

GUSTIE off the WEEK: Philip Bryant

Korrie Wojack – Staff Writer This week’s Gustie of the Week is none other than Professor Philip Bryant, or as we all know him, “Professor B.” Specializing in English and African Studies, Professor Bryant is not only current Gustavus faculty, but a Gustavus Alumnus as well, graduating with the class of 1973. When asked about his life story that led him to where he is now, … Continue reading GUSTIE off the WEEK: Philip Bryant

Minnesota Wild game

Emma Kelsey – Staff Writer Ice. Blades. Scoreboards. Pucks flying. Buzzers buzzing. Crowds cheering. Just some of the things a group of Gusties will be witnessing. On Thursday November 18, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) will be taking Gusties to the Minnesota Wild hockey game. The game will be taking place at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, and students will see first-hand the face … Continue reading Minnesota Wild game

Humanize My Hoodie

Korri Wojack – Staff Writer The Center for Inclusive Excellences’ goal here at Gustavus is to connect students with educational programming, campus events/activities, and resources that will help students dig deeper into the terms: culture, diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, identity, and intersectionality. One way they do this is through hosting events on campus and partnering with other organizations in order to bring representation and education … Continue reading Humanize My Hoodie