General Questions

How do I submit news suggestions and Letters to the Editor?

Please see our contact page.

Can I advertise in the Weekly?

Yes! See our Advertisement information.

Can I write for the Weekly?

Interested in writing, blogging, or taking pictures for the Weekly? Email us at weekly@gustavus.edu. We look forward to hearing from you.

Print Edition

Where can I get a copy of the print edition of The Weekly?

You can pick up your copy of the Weekly in several locations on campus, or we can mail the Weekly to you. See our on-campus distribution information for on-campus locations, or our subscription page for off-campus distribution.

When is The Weekly published?

The Weekly is distributed most Fridays throughout the academic year. See our publication schedule for more information.

Can I share my thoughts about the Weekly?

Yes! Feel free to E-mail weekly@gustavus.edu with comments and suggestions.

Web Edition

When are stories put up on this website?

Stories are posted online the Wednesday after the printed issue is released, typically late afternoon/early evening. Occasionally, there are delays due to image size and other technical issues. If you notice that a story has not been posted online, please feel free to contact our Web Editor.

Can I receive a notification when The Weekly posts new stories online?

Anyone can subscribe to our RSS feed, which will update your RSS reader or live bookmarks as soon as we post new stories. You can also subscribe to the Weekly via E-mail. You will receive an E-mail each Friday with our top stories. You may also receive an E-mail in the case of breaking news.

What systems do you use to power this website?

This website is a “blog” on the Gustavus WordPress server. We designed a custom template to make the site work like a news website.  WordPress includes a very intuitive web-based system for adding stories, which helps us share more news each week.  We have had outstanding success with the system, and would recommend WordPress to anyone else interested in starting a blog or news website.  If you have any other questions about our setup, feel free to contact our Web Editor.

Can I share my thoughts about the Weekly’s website?

Our Web Editor appreciates receiving comments and suggestions. Email weekly@gustavus.edu.

Do you have a different question?

Feel free to contact us or post your question in the comments section below.


3 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. I would like to know what the criteria are for choosing the Gustie of the Week. I feel that the people continuously featured do not represent the school body population as a whole — whether it be race, sexuality, or group affiliation.

  2. Gustie of the Week is chosen from a pool of nominations from students. All students are invited to submit nominations of students with a brief description of a recent accomplishment or involvement. The Weekly staff then choose a GOW based on relevance and the desire to represent the diversity of Gustavus (e.g. balance between organizations, genders, majors, Greek associations, etc.).

  3. Hi, I am new here, and I am learning English. I really love your articles, but when I read the article “Choose a career you love”, there is a word I cannot understand. What is “JoIt” in “JoIt is more important to find a profession that we are passionate about rather than finding one based on income.”
    I know this sound stupid but I just wanted to know what is it?
    Thank you!

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