Movies from The Library: My Own Private Idaho

Will Sorg – Entertainment Writer Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho tells the story of two friends who hustle on the streets of Portland. Starring River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves, the film was a critical success and incredibly subversive as a queer film at a time when good gay representation was rare.  Van Sant does his best to put the audience in the perspective … Continue reading Movies from The Library: My Own Private Idaho

Should freedom of speech protect misinformation?

Iza Taylor – Opinions Columnist The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that, “Congress shall make no law… prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech…” This means that our government can’t restrict what people say, and people can’t be punished for expressing themselves and their ideas or beliefs. That being said, should an institution uphold this law even in the … Continue reading Should freedom of speech protect misinformation?

Snow Isn’t the Problem. We Are.

Jonas Doerr – Opinions Columnist When we were reacquainted with snow this week, there were mixed reactions. Some folks scampered for their Christmas trees and blow-up Santas while others wept in dismay. Others enjoyed the beauty but dreaded when they would have to open the door and experience it more personally. Perhaps the most common reaction was a resignation to the approach of a long, … Continue reading Snow Isn’t the Problem. We Are.

How to raise a newspaper from the dead

Kaylene Kerber – Opinions Columnist Thank you to the three readers who happen to read my articles. I know it’s probably because you know me in some capacity, but your devotion is still honorable. That’s the problem though: The Gustavian Weekly is an afterthought for many students. How does a newspaper stay relevant in a time with Yik Yak and the Fourth Crown? If students … Continue reading How to raise a newspaper from the dead

Everyone is Wrong

Jonas Doerr – Opinions Columnist  Behind the Minnesota Nice don’t-rock-the-boat you-have-your-way-I’ll-have-mine mindset prevalent here, there lurks something awful. Something dastardly. Something, shall I say, ignominious.  People disagree. There. I said it. If you disagree, well, you proved me right. While we might not be so bold as to tell each other face-to-face, sometimes we have dissenting opinions about matters as trivial as the best sports … Continue reading Everyone is Wrong

Gustavus is bigoted

Cadence Paramore – Editor-in-Chief If you’re an avid reader of the Weekly, or even if you just enjoy perusing the opinion section and occasionally filling out a puzzle or two in entertainment, you probably saw our opinion piece on the ‘chalk wars’ that happen each semester.  If you didn’t, the chalk wars are a fight reduced down to passive-aggressive messages in chalk located in front … Continue reading Gustavus is bigoted