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Disregarding public concern is dangerous

It was foretold that the election on Tuesday would be one of the most crucial events in American history. While the future will decide the validity of that statement, I would like to argue that election day was far from […]

Don’t take your culture for granted

After attending these first few months at Gustavus Adolphus College, it is evident that as a first-year, it is an entirely new experience. This is not only me – it is for everyone who moves away from their families into […]

Election’s over and it’s time to get to work

The 2016 election has ended. Hallelujah. For the record, I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon, so I don’t know who won yet. But I don’t need to know the election results to say what I’m about to say. Because regardless […]

Clinton doesn’t care about reproductive justice

This week on campus the Gustavus Womyn’s Awareness Center painted the rock for Reproductive Justice Week. Reproductive justice is defined as “complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, social, and economic well-being of women and girls, based on the full achievement and […]

Trump’s screw ups are bad for Clinton

Unless you haven’t opened up Facebook, read a newspaper or watched television these past few weeks, you know that Trump’s campaign experienced a meltdown of unimaginable proportions recently. A 2005 audio recording of Trump surfaced recently exposing derogatory and sexually […]

Courage and compassion is necessary in refugee crisis

It has been nearly a year since the deadly coordinated attacks in Paris left 130 dead. In the aftermath of the attack, much of the West devolved into hysteria about the attackers being refugees and this was, once again, an […]

Tabletop games are pioneers of modern video gaming

A brave adventurer climbs forth, seeking to overcome the obstacles set before him by an evil necromancer and save the kingdom. A mage looks through ancient scrolls of the arcane, seeking to find answers to the questions of the universe. […]

No matter your political standpoint, assualt should not be defended

On September 26, a girl was assaulted in the caf while going to watch the presidential debate with her fellow republicans. This was because she was wearing a hat that had the slogan “Make America great again” written on it. […]

America’s undeniable double standard

The first presidential debate happened this week. I could write one thousand articles about everything that was said or done by the candidates, but I’m going to focus on the point of greatest personal relevance to myself. The double standard […]

Political polarization will never get anything done

It was September 26th, 1960, and over seventy million Americans had their faces glued to their black and white television sets. When the program began and the lights came on, a little known senator from Massachusetts and a former senator […]