The Gustavian Weekly


Paying for a Chance at a Better Life

A protest sign calling for action regarding student loans.

Being fifty years old and still paying student loans seems to be the path our generation is predetermined to follow. Over the past four decades college tuition in the United States has skyrocketed like never before. As CNBC reports; the […]

Breaking Down Political Parties

The politics of the United States are broken into two very select parties: Democrats and Republicans. Sixteen of our presidents were Democrats, and eighteen were Republicans. That means there were ten presidents, who were neither Democrats nor Republicans. One was […]

The Naiveté That is Peace

Whoa, so I may be about to put out one of the more controversial pieces that we have seen in a long time. However, something that has been weighing heavily on my mind recently is peace and how we approach […]

Don’t Let “Breaking News” Break You

Recently, while waiting at a bus stop with friends after a concert in downtown Minneapolis, a man approached us and asked if we had heard the news. “What news?” I asked, not sure if he was referring to Trump’s fascist […]

The Ultimate Cure or a New Disease?

Genes (which are made up of DNA, as pictured above) are the basic physical unit of heredity.

From Dec. 1 to Dec. 3, the International Summit on Human Gene Editing took place in Washington, D.C. with the intention of discussing the pros and cons of human gene editing, and whether it should be allowed at all. For […]

Commerical Holidays and Commercial People

Boxing Day, the day after Christmas Day, is a hectic shopping holiday in Canada much like Black Friday in the United States.

Snow falls lightly outside, candles twinkle in the window, and dinner sits upon the table. You and your family sit down for a Christmas dinner. A tree stands in the corner covered in ornaments. Beneath it rests some presents for […]

It’s Not About You (and That’s Okay)

Gustavus students protesting on November 12th  in solidarity with students of Mizzou who have been protesting racial issues on their campus.

Let’s be honest, I like it when things are about me. I like attention. Everyone does. If anyone says they “don’t like being the center of attention”, they’re lying. Seeking attention is a basic human instinct. But there are a […]

Being Wary of Refugees

Refugees of the Syrian Civil War strike outside a main railway station in Budapest, Hungary.

There are currently thousands upon thousands of refugees flooding into Europe from war torn parts of the Middle East, predominantly Syria. Many European countries have been trying to welcome refugees and provide them with safety and shelter. The recent terrorist […]

The Limitations of the 2nd Amendment

The intepretation of the 2nd Amendment and its implications in law is one of the most contentious and popular debates in America.

We as American citizens have 27 amendments to our Constitution that shape the foundation of our very nation. Some are longer than others, some apply to today’s world, others are moot points. The amendment that I believe is argued about […]

The Underfunded and Overworked FDA

The FDA is essentially tasked with making sure manufactures of foods provide a safe product to the American public.

Earlier this year, I read an article from The New York Times that discussed a lack of funding that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) desperately needed to enforce a certain food safety law. This seems to be a common […]