A new way to vote?

David Eide – Opinion Columnist  As a political science major and someone who is just generally plugged into politics, I’ve been paying very close attention to this year’s session of the Minnesota legislature. This session is especially significant because it represents the first instance of unified governmental control in almost a decade, with the Democratic Farmer-Labor Party having taken full control in the 2022 elections. … Continue reading A new way to vote?

The worst month: March

Houston McLaury – Opinion Columnist For every month of the year, there is something to look forward to. For the summer months of June, July, and August, it’s the break and warmth that summer brings that gives these months value. The fall months of September, October, and November bring cozy feelings, falling leaves, spiced drinks, and dark nights that bring the richest of atmospheres into … Continue reading The worst month: March


David Eide – Opinion Columnist In the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to get out and see more movies in theaters and I think it’s really inspired a deeper appreciation and curiosity toward the art of filmmaking.  In turn, this interest has spun off to include things that directly tie into films, in particular, the Oscars.  If you’re unaware, the Oscars, or the … Continue reading Oscar-vations

Blinded by the headlights

Houston McLaury – Opinion Columnist The modern world brings a multitude of wonders into people’s lives thanks to the advantages of modern technology. Items from phones to microwaves have changed lives in drastic ways, some improving life, while others tend to hold people down. One of these inventions that holds us down is the LED headlight. This light, straight from the fiery furnace, has ruined … Continue reading Blinded by the headlights

AI – friend or foe?

Gabrielle Lavan – Opinion Columnist We’ve entered into the stage of capitalism where we attempt to turn robots into sentient beings. Machines that can move, consume, and think on their own used to be a concept of the sci-fi-fantasy genre. Beloved fantasy worlds with sentient robots such as BB-8, WALL-E, and R2-D2 pique our curiosities because human-like robots are a spectacle. They’re confusing, interesting, and … Continue reading AI – friend or foe?

Why can’t we choose?

Jonas Doerr – Opinion Columnist  “What do you want to do this weekend?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” “I don’t know?” The conversants walk off and end up doing nothing that weekend. This situation has happened to nearly everyone. I’ll be a mind reader for a second; you have a hard time making decisions. Was I right? Nearly everyone does. One … Continue reading Why can’t we choose?

Academic grifting

David Eide – Opinions Columnist  Having gone through three and a half years of it, I think it’s fair to now say that I have a pretty decent grasp on academia and the various institutions and systems that support it.  Overall, I’d say I’m quite satisfied with how academia functions, at least from the admittedly limited perspective of a student. That is not to say … Continue reading Academic grifting

One hour dramas, or the half hour sitcom

Houston McLaury – Opinions Columnist  Over these last few weeks, with the release of “The Last of Us,” on HBO Max and its subsequent success in capturing the American audience, I have been forced to ask myself one question: why are the episodes so long? The first episode of the series, “When You’re Lost in the Darkness,” was 81 minutes alone. That’s just shy of … Continue reading One hour dramas, or the half hour sitcom

Is Gustavus still a Swedish institution?

Gabrielle Lavan – Opinions Columnist Imagine that you are walking around campus for the first time. You walk through Campus Center and notice the names of certain rooms like the Konferensrum, you ask where the recital hall, Bjorling, is located as you try desperately to pronounce it correctly. After walking around for a bit, you notice posters around campus advertising Fika. You think to yourself, … Continue reading Is Gustavus still a Swedish institution?