The Gustavian Weekly


Motherhood? Hard Pass.

Though women have advanced monumentally in American society within the last century, there are still certain expectations we haven’t been able to overcome, particularly the notion of motherhood as our life’s ultimate fulfillment. Like many other girls who grew up […]

Cartoons: Not Just for Kids

Cartoons, anime, and claymation: these are all mediums of animated storytelling used in the modern media. For many, animated shows or movies are associated with children, and when they aren’t created for children, such as “The Simpsons “or “Family Guy”, […]

New High Score: Pride

Ihave never been much of a gamer. I can never stay interested long enough to get good at them, and I hate not being good at things. Generally, what happens when I try a new game is some version of […]

The Final Stage of Grief: Acceptance

Gustavus is a college that I deeply admire for so many reasons. The inclusion of all students and diversity of thought makes Gustavus a college that is rich with compassion. Gustavus is a safe college, and is not afraid to […]

An American Reichstag Fire

On Feb. 28, 1933, Germans awoke to an emergency decree revoking civil liberties. Overnight, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and association were abolished. The decree suspended federated state autonomy, and legalized phone-tapping and the interception of correspondence. The […]

Managing stress in a healthy way

It is no surprise that finals stress us out. However, there are healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with the stress associated with finals and other exams or projects. Over three million adults suffer from depression and/or anxiety. A good […]

Generalizing is something everybody does

One of the biggest issues that plagues our communication these days is generalization. When an issue is discussed, people are far too quick to apply a statement to an entire demographic of people just because a small portion of people […]

The worry of the liberal art

Philosophy, English, Classics, History. What do all these majors have in common? Existential dread. And why not? We learn to question what we are looking at, to discern the truth from someone else’s opinion. In the world we find ourselves […]

Why is it so hard to talk about birth control?

For years humanity has been working its way toward a medical milestone: male birth control. This progress made headlines in 2016 after reports of men dropping out of a birth control injection study due to side effects. These side effects […]

Your computer isn’t as good as you think

Here’s the deal: businesses have stopped caring about customers when it comes to selling their products. That sounds pessimistic and counter-intuitive, right? However, it doesn’t really matter in this day and age. Most people are so viciously loyal to their […]