The Gustavian Weekly


The Lost Art of Mr. Capra

Sentimentality is no longer popular. If this unfortunate news has just come to your attention for the very first time, I will try to let you down gently. Sentimentality, in today’s language, has been replaced by corny, cheesy, and other […]

Mixed Gender Housing On The Horizon?

College View is one of three dorms offering mixed gender housing next year.

Some of you may have noticed an email in your inbox with the subject “Room Draw: Mixed Gender Housing Option for 2015-2016.” Most of you probably skimmed over it or just marked it as “read,” which is understandable if it […]

What are the BRICS Building?

World leaders at the BRICS Development Bank Agreement.

On February 20,Russia officially ratified the $100 billion BRICS Development Bank agreement. The formation of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Development Bank was agreed on July 15, 2014 and has since caused widespread speculation on what this […]

Yes We Cannabis

Weed, grass, pot, purp-skurp, the devil’s lettuce.  These are some of the names used for the drug marijuana, which is the mind-altering substance derived from the dried buds of the Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica plants.  Most commonly the buds, […]

Forensics at State

Gustavus Adolphus College Forensics Team at State Competition.

The Gustavus Adolphus Forensics Team recently won first place in the state tournament at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall. In addition to this achievement, the win occured with the largest margin a team has won by in the history […]

Sex, Drugs, and Rocking Chairs

For decades, the youth of our country have been engaging in behavior characteristically defined as reckless, stupid, and risky. In the Sixties, it was Rock and Roll and marijuana. For today’s youth, it’s something even more menacing. And we at […]

True Love

You don’t have to look very far to find true love here at Gustavus.

With Valentine’s Day last weekend, love is in the air, or at least in everyone’s hearts. I have a slight problem with Valentine’s Day though. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Valentine’s Day, we lose sight of what’s really important. […]

Don’t Repeat Your Mistakes!

It’s often a joke among college students to argue over who has a practical major or not and how many job options they’ll have once they graduate. Bio-chem and physics majors always seem to know there’ll be job positions for […]

Don’t Let Others Put Limits on You

Sometimes as I go through college, I feel as though everything around me is trying to limit me. I have to make choices that constantly seem to be limiting my range of interests. People are constantly being asked to specify […]

Beneath the Crown

The purpose of Beneath the Crown is to foster a more interconnected and understanding community at Gustavus through the use of conversation and photography.

There are a lot of really awesome projects that students are involved with here on campus. It’s pretty amazing what the students at this school are capable of doing while being full time students and sometimes even working a part-time […]