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Growing up I listened to The Current almost religiously. This is because this was the only station my dad listened to, unless he was in a particularly good mood and let my sister and I listen to Top Hits every […]

Let’s be Frank about getting along

It’s a new school year at Gustavus Adolphus College. For some of us, that means new roommates and sharing a confined area with someone you barely know. You may have some opinions that differ, but what if your new roommate […]

In the face of the storm

In the dead center of Hurricane Season, my mom and I made the astute decision to go on a road trip to the coast of Texas. Five days into our sightseeing, beach-walking, pina-colada-drinking vacation, we woke up to steely skies […]


The first week back on campus is a whirlwind; moving in, new classes, and wondering how in the world to manage the coming semester’s homework load. The second week on campus is certainly a high point for many, because it […]

To be an American

What does it mean to be an American? Some people might cite religion—we’re a “Christian nation.” Others might mention the adoption of an “American lifestyle.” The idea that we’re all supposed to assimilate and be basically the same—speak English, eat […]

#Hashtags and Passive Activism

When encountering catastrophe, the human race has the habit of resorting to passivity. For example, remember when Paris was bombed by ISIS? #PrayforParis. How about when the night club in Orlando was attacked by a shooter? #PrayforOrlando. How about right […]

Mental health stigma at Gustavus

Returning to Gustavus, or starting your first year at Gustavus, tends to be an exciting time. You get to greet old friends you may not have seen over the summer, and you get to make new ones. You have a […]

Helping in the aftermath of Harvey

On Friday, August 25, Hurricane Harvey landed on the Texas Gulf Coast. The winds reached 130 mph. For reference, the world’s fastest animal, a cheetah, has a speed which tops off at 75 MPH, making the winds of Hurricane Harvey […]

The impact of TV relationships

When someone asks for examples of iconic fictional couples, there are a few which come to mind. Han Solo and Princess Leia are probably towards the top of the list, with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger not far behind. All […]

A ‘Second Chance’ in College Football

She was unconscious. They took videos and laughed for six hours. She was sexually assaulted, dragged around naked, and photographed. They were released early from their one and two year long sentences in a juvenile detention center. She was ridiculed […]