Do Gusties shine during summer?

Jonas Doerr – Opinions Writer Fire is hot, water is wet, and Gusties shine. It’s one of the undeniable facts of life. There’s a song written about it, in fact – the Gustie Rouser, which you are probably familiar with. “Gusties will shine tonight,” the famous lyrics go. But is it really true? During the summer, when Gusties are far from St. Peter, do they … Continue reading Do Gusties shine during summer?

Letter From The Editor

Cadence Paramore – Editor-in-Chief Hello Gusties! We’re wishing you a warm welcome here at the Weekly to our incoming first-years, the class of 2026, and a welcome back to our sophomores, juniors, and seniors!    My name is Cadence Paramore, and I will be the Editor-in-Chief of the Gustavian Weekly for this fall semester before I graduate in December. As Editor-in-Chief I would like to … Continue reading Letter From The Editor

The Caf raccoon

Jonas Doerr – Opinion Columnist Something hungry prowls the Caf, looking for leftover morsels. It lurks in corners, waiting to pounce on those with leftovers. The tiniest tater tot or smallest spinach leaf cannot escape its careful eye. Most students are not even aware of this lurker. Its behaviors are entirely inconceivable to most members of the Gustavus community. What on earth would lead someone to … Continue reading The Caf raccoon

The disappearances in Lund

Jonas Doerr – Opinion Columnist The disappearances started a couple weeks ago. At first they started slow, and then they started vanishing in bunches. I would walk into Lund Center and sense a certain emptiness, knowing somewhere another exercise machine was missing. The 3rd floor was hit first. I didn’t even get to say one last goodbye to the chest press and seated row machines. One … Continue reading The disappearances in Lund

The library deserves a renovation

David Eide – Opinion Columnist This week, the new Lund expansion officially opens for public use which has prompted some thought on my part regarding the future of other Gustavus buildings. Of course, the renovation of Lund is not done and likely will not be done for several more years but still I found my curiosity was piqued. On the Show the World fundraising campaign website … Continue reading The library deserves a renovation

A lesson in composting

Cadence Paramore – Assistant Editor-in-Chief All around campus there are numerous bins for Gusties to dispose of their waste. We have your typical garbage and recycling bins, though the disappointment of the recycling bins not adhering to your anticipated “blue” is unsatisfying. And finally our green compost bins which are the most misunderstood. With Gusties being “undeniably” smart and, more-than-not, environmentally conscious– it’s baffling how … Continue reading A lesson in composting

Gusties should be skipping (to) classes

Jonas Doerr – Staff Writer I see it everyday. Students walking past, head down, backpack on their backs, and avoiding all eye contact. One tries to greet them with a friendly smile, but they avoid eye contact like they’re looking at Medusa. They slowly trudge past and eventually arrive at their destination. Perhaps there they perk up a bit. But it’s too late then! After all, … Continue reading Gusties should be skipping (to) classes