Jojo Siwa: back like a boomerang

Sophia White- Jojo Siwa is facing karma with all these allegations surrounding the release of her new song, “Karma”. After its release, Siwa claimed to be in her new era, but is there really a difference between dancing bows and female Gene Simmons? The real disappointment in this statement is that Siwa has no idea who Gene Simmons is when asked about their recent likeness … Continue reading Jojo Siwa: back like a boomerang

The over-involved Gustie

Raquel Vaughn- Gustavus Adolphus College, the place where “make your life count” takes on no truer meaning. What better place to get the true liberal arts experience? What better place to get involved? Many Gusties find their place on campus. Some find multiple. With the phrase “over-involved Gustie” being thrown around, I wanted to truly understand what all the fuss was about. Is getting involved … Continue reading The over-involved Gustie

Hold that door!

Jonas Doerr- It’s getting closer. It’s looming before me. Soon I’ll have to make a decision. To hold, or not to hold? Normally doors are a simple thing. Just reach out one hand, pull, and step through. Sometimes those little things called locks get in the way, but that’s only a problem for burglars and pranksters. But when someone is walking behind you, it becomes … Continue reading Hold that door!