COVID-19 cases on campus spike: Are we really surprised, though?

Gusties in the COVID era are minimizing contact with the outside world, but in the midst of it all, some students continue to work off-campus jobs. While this may first appear as an unnecessary risk, especially when there is work study available on-campus, it is not. In fact, it is a necessary and unavoidable risk and a rather small one at that. As we all … Continue reading COVID-19 cases on campus spike: Are we really surprised, though?

Plant Parenthood: Gustie plant enthusiasts

I think it’s fair to say that campus life isn’t what it used to be. Now that this new “Lay Low” period has begun, it’s even stranger. If you didn’t already feel as if your social life was dwindling, you do now that the school has decided to prohibit students from visiting any other person’s dorm room. The reason behind such a drastic measure is … Continue reading Plant Parenthood: Gustie plant enthusiasts

Politics divide, love draws together

I spent my election night doing the most American thing that I could think of: working an extra hour on a family-run dairy farm. I spent the evening producing real food for real people. This is what the American Dream used to be. Get some land and figure out how to be independent, earn a living and care for a family. So much has changed, … Continue reading Politics divide, love draws together

Implicit Bias Training in the Chemistry Department: Collaboration is the answer

Gusties are passionate about racial justice. The past few weeks there has been a rumor going around about the chemistry department and implicit bias training. There is more to the story than what is being spread student to student. However, given the gravity of this topic and the urgent need expressed by students to address issues of inequity not just on-campus, this issue deserves a … Continue reading Implicit Bias Training in the Chemistry Department: Collaboration is the answer

Art Building: Overdue for a renovation?

Now that the $70 million Nobel project is finished and Lund’s renovation is in the works, many students are wondering what’s next. According to the Gustavus website, the next project includes improving accessibility, meeting spaces and the overall structure of Christ Chapel. After that, the Schaefer Fine Arts music building will be getting a much-needed renovation for performance space, practice rooms, teaching studios and rehearsal … Continue reading Art Building: Overdue for a renovation?

Learning through the discomfort

If you are uncomfortable, you are learning. Those seven words that my own mother has uttered more times than I can count have taken on a whole new meaning this year. Coming from a high school surrounded by cornfields for miles and graduating with a class of 99 percent white students, I felt as though my own cultural awareness and education was in my own … Continue reading Learning through the discomfort

How safe are “COVID bubbles”?

COVID-19 has made everything in life exponentially more difficult, especially socialization. One of the hardest obstacles I’ve had to face this year is figuring out how to enjoy my time alone. It is a new challenge, but it has given me time to reflect on my situation, which has brought out a lot of positive change. While self-reflection is nice, I can’t help but miss … Continue reading How safe are “COVID bubbles”?

Battling Zoom Fatigue

Having made it halfway through the semester, I am sure that most of us are ready to either throw our laptops into the snow or personally confront the CEO of Zoom. Now that we are over seven months into Zoom University, Zoom fatigue has reached an all-time max. Unfortunately, according to National Geographic, communicating over video call “requires sustained and intense attention.” Unlike when we … Continue reading Battling Zoom Fatigue

A squirrel very happy to live in Minnesota

Reasons to live in Minnesota

On snowy October days, I often find myself wondering why, of all places in the United States, I continue to live here in Minnesota. October 20 seems a bit early to be experiencing snow accumulation, let alone four to seven inches of it. Maybe the occurrence of such a weather event is in part due to climate change, which can make the weather more variable … Continue reading Reasons to live in Minnesota