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To be an American

What does it mean to be an American? Some people might cite religion—we’re a “Christian nation.” Others might mention the adoption of an “American lifestyle.” The idea that we’re all supposed to assimilate and be basically the same—speak English, eat […]

#Hashtags and Passive Activism

When encountering catastrophe, the human race has the habit of resorting to passivity. For example, remember when Paris was bombed by ISIS? #PrayforParis. How about when the night club in Orlando was attacked by a shooter? #PrayforOrlando. How about right […]

Mental health stigma at Gustavus

Returning to Gustavus, or starting your first year at Gustavus, tends to be an exciting time. You get to greet old friends you may not have seen over the summer, and you get to make new ones. You have a […]

Helping in the aftermath of Harvey

On Friday, August 25, Hurricane Harvey landed on the Texas Gulf Coast. The winds reached 130 mph. For reference, the world’s fastest animal, a cheetah, has a speed which tops off at 75 MPH, making the winds of Hurricane Harvey […]

The impact of TV relationships

When someone asks for examples of iconic fictional couples, there are a few which come to mind. Han Solo and Princess Leia are probably towards the top of the list, with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger not far behind. All […]

A ‘Second Chance’ in College Football

She was unconscious. They took videos and laughed for six hours. She was sexually assaulted, dragged around naked, and photographed. They were released early from their one and two year long sentences in a juvenile detention center. She was ridiculed […]

“You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train”

This is my last column with The Gustavian Weekly. It has been my greatest joy to contribute to our humble college paper. I am so grateful to our loyal readers (hi Mom and Dad), and to Gustavus for providing a […]

Let’s figure out our crap and move to Mars

I am not a Star Wars guy. I like the movies, don’t get me wrong, but for me (trigger warning advised) they are nothing more than action-packed hours of splish-splash with laser infused swords. I am, however, truly fascinated by […]

Let’s Engage in Civil Discourse

Many people have varied ideas on what is best for themselves and the collective health of humanity. It is because of these varied ideas and interpretations of those ideas that conflict arises and tensions mount. That is also the reason […]

The Nipple Effect

Spring means stress, sleep deprivation, and a shortage of clothed male students. This week, campus was crawling in male students throwing frisbees, playing campus golf, and studying in the grass all in the absence of shirts. Campus Safety was nowhere […]