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Redefining success in college

In my senior year of high school, I submitted college applications to a handful of schools I was interested in. I filled out many forms with my name, birthdate and GPA. I wrote pages about the things I was involved […]

Critiquing self-criticism

If there were a major in self-criticism, I can guarantee that every college student would be straight A students. The inspiration for this article stemmed from my one and only class this semester which is “The Psychology of Self-Compassion.” I […]

Demolishing the political boys’ club

With the Minnesota Presidential Primary coming up on Tuesday, March 3, I’m sure that the election is weighing heavy on your minds. Or, that’s what my political science major mind wants to tell myself. In my perfect world, we would […]

Tolerating the intolerance

In the year 2020, dietary restrictions have become something that many of us have learned to recognize and respect in our communities. People need to be able to take care of their bodies, and a big part of that is […]

The real value of the real world

It’s only the third week of school, and I’ve only been on campus for about a week. And I plan on missing several more days later this semester. I don’t usually miss this much school, but this semester I’ve been […]

Introverts are tired of being misunderstood

It is my belief that introversion as a personality trait is deeply misunderstood, especially by extroverts. Introversion is not the same as shyness. Introversion does not mean that one doesn’t like to talk to people; many introverts love conversation. We […]

The elitist ideas of higher education

When looking for options behind high school, most students consider many options before deciding their path. Oftentimes, financials are a huge part of a student’s decisions. When college acceptance time comes around in the spring, a quick “hierarchy” of students […]

Flashes of embarrassment

Embarrassing moments are generally considered a negative concept due to the fact that feelings of guilt or shame usually follow close behind, so saying that embarrassing moments are actually a good thing may seem like an unpopular opinion. Of course, […]

The problems of political labels

When I was thirteen years old, I began my political journey. I decided it was time for me to identify with the views of a particular party. This came as a result of my participation in a pre-AP US history […]

I hate myself (and why it’s okay)

I’m just going to go out there and say it. I hate myself. Before anyone makes a lofty assumption, please continue reading because I’ll explain why I hate myself and why it is okay. But yes, it’s true. I think […]