Korinna Hylen – Guest Columnist I read the Fourth Crown from time to time. The headlines and preview paragraphs usually merit a giggle and occasionally an article link will be worth sharing. Last Friday I was sent a suspicious Instagram post from the Fourth Crown’s official account apologizing for their recent article which was “interpreted as being ableist towards members of the Gustavus community.” Naturally, I … Continue reading

Get the bj’s out of Bjorling

Jonas Doerr – Opinion Columnist There’s been some buzz on campus recently, but not by humans. Ferocious monsters lurk in dark corners of one of Gustavus’ academic buildings, and no hero has yet vanquished these terrible foes. Black Jacket wasps have infested the music building. The wasps have made their presence known in most areas of the building, but they are particularly numerous in the Bjorling … Continue reading Get the bj’s out of Bjorling

Millenial fiction

Clare Greeman – Middle-Part Haver I’m only writing to appease the countless requests since my DWMs article (*see issue 11 of the Weekly) to explain what the millennial fiction novel is; since that article thousands of letters have been sent our offices for the benevolent, whimsical, and extremely timely opinion writer with her finger on the pulse to explain what this genre is and where they … Continue reading Millenial fiction

MyGustavus, my nightmare

Hailey Brune – Opinion Columnist I’m sure a lot of us are feeling the shift from Webadvisor to MyGustavus. I’ve heard some mixed feelings from staff and students and I understand the need for the shift. Webadvisor was getting to be old and wasn’t working as well compared to something new. Change is hard and we didn’t receive a lot of instructions on how to navigate … Continue reading MyGustavus, my nightmare


Jonas Doerr – Opinion Columnist There is a hidden health crisis on the campus of Gustavus Adolphus College. Students and faculty are suffering, but no one even acknowledges the problem. Instead, people continue on in quiet misery. What is this source of pain that lurks unspoken in the minds of most inhabitants of this college? It is the lack of bidets. Students are instead forced to … Continue reading Bidetvus

Courtyard cat-fé

Emily VanGorder – Reluctant Cat Person Step aside, Pause for Paws, there’s a new pet-based form of relaxation hitting campus. Or at least there should be, given how much the administration claims to care about student’s mental health. I’m talking, of course, about turning the Courtyard Café into a cat café. With the disappearance of beloved campus cat Nemo, campus is again one species short … Continue reading Courtyard cat-fé

Hailey Brune – Opinion Columnist Let me paint the picture for you. It’s the week of midterms. We’re cramming every night and trying to get everything done. There’s a million things to do, and a hundred assignments being crammed into a week. We’re just dragging ourselves to the end so we can have a break just long enough to take a deep breath that’ll get us … Continue reading

New congressional maps in Minnesota

David Eide – Opinion Columnist The last couple of months have seen one of the most important dramas in American politics play out across the country. I am speaking of the redrawing of congressional districts that occurs once every ten years in order to ensure that districts have equal population. This is an incredibly important event as the redrawing of lines also grants the opportunity for … Continue reading New congressional maps in Minnesota