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It’s never too early for Christmas music

Fliers for a local Christmas concert.

It’s that time of year again, Gusties. The season has arrived when people begin to think about getting gifts for their loved ones, delicately placing snowmen and other winter-themed decor on their mantles and cozying up with a sweater and […]

A letter from your Editor

For decades, The Gustavian Weekly has been a part of our campus as a forum that fosters and invites discussion among students and faculty alike. It is also a place where those from any background may come to have a […]

Finding intellectual fulfillment

Walk anywhere on campus, and you’ll find a never-ending array of posters advertising events, parties and get-togethers put on by student organizations and academic departments alike. At times, the number of events happening on campus can seem overwhelming. There are […]

Gustavus breaks gap in higher education

One of the most complex gaps in higher education is the socioeconomic gap. This gap includes students from working and/or lower economic classes who are often first-generation students. In looking at this gap it is important to look at three […]

Tech talk on mental health

In the Caf, it is not an uncommon sight to see many students on their smartphones.

Think back to the technology you used as a kid and how much joy it brought you. Gameboy, Webkinz, Nintendo DS, or your super slick flip phone just to name a few. The one thing missing back then was your […]

The great poster debate

One of the diversity posters found earlier this week in Beck Academic Hall.

For those who are frequent visitors of the campus center or Beck Hall, it may have been noticed that new posters made their way onto the walls. While a lot of the  posters we see around campus are for fun […]

The meaning of true diversity

A controversial poster put on the bulletin board in the Jackson Campus Center.

During the past week, a poster was found in Beck with the quote, “How can we so freely advertise diversity…when we clearly don’t have enough?”. This poster has caused an uproar of debate on campus as to just how diverse […]

The search for support

A controversial poster put on the bulletin board in the Jackson Campus Center.

Being involved in campus organizations is a big part of being a Gustie. Ask almost any student on campus to describe themselves, and they’ll list off any number of commitments they have to student organizations. Being part of something you […]

Three Crowns, five stars

Three Crowns students on a visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Art

Nearly every incoming first-year shares a simultaneous heart-drop during the last month of their high school senior year when Gustavus mails one more envelope requesting yet another seemingly life-changing decision to be made: Three Crowns program or Liberal Arts curriculum? […]

To those who suffer in silence

Light therapy boxes to help with SAD can be found in the library.

After the coldest week of the year so far, I’m sure that we’re all looking forward to the rest of fall and eventually the holiday season. But for many students on campus, including myself, the colder season and overcast skies […]