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On Wednesdays we eat grilled cheese

The chicken tenders in the Caf have gotten a facelift and are a permanent fixture here on the Hill.

While Gustavus’ menu is nationally ranked, it is no secret to Gusties that Caf food can get repetitive after a while. We all know how it goes: Caesar salad Mondays, Bosco Stick Tuesdays, grilled cheese Wednesdays, noodle bowl Thursdays and […]

Help create a community on campus

Now that we are past the first hurdle in the school year, many students on campus are getting more involved with activities outside of the classroom. You may have even attended the Involvement Fair this past Tuesday. As I’m sure […]

Success means more than just brains

The Counselling Center joined the involvement fair this Tuesday.

Lots of college prep tips include how to study, take notes, listen to lectures and how to take tests, but success in college and in the work-force afterwards takes more than just being a good student and hard work. In […]

Challenge call-out culture on campus

Change cannot happen in a vaccum, you have to start a conversation.

As our culture becomes ever more connected and engaged, so does the pursuit of social justice and equality. With the emergence of platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, it has become as easy as picking up your phone to “call-out” […]

Broaden your horizons by going abroad

Studying abroad can provide you one of a time experiences across the globe.

One large factor in why students choose to go to Gustavus is its mass of varying study away opportunities. Studying away gives students skills, knowledge and new perspectives that they wouldn’t be able to achieve on campus. Gustavus has programs […]

Gusties need longer summers for sanity

The end of summer brings back the ability to see friends again, start fall sports, have more independence and leave behind a terrible summer job or internship. But also, the end of summer brings back having to be prepared for […]

Horror movies go where others fear

It’s always interesting to see people’s reaction when you tell them your favorite movies involve blood, gore, and the occasional monster. The horror genre is just incredibly interesting, as it mixes social commentary and entertainment to create a film that […]

Reflecting on a time well spent at Gustavus

As an international student from India, people often ask me if I am going back home after school. Honestly, I haven’t had time to think about that. There are a lot of things I haven’t had a chance to do, […]

Advice for the Floundering First-Year (5/17/19)

Congratulations on making it to the end of your first year. You may not realize it, but this is a big feat. Hopefully you are happy with how this year went, but if not, I hope you’re able to re-assess […]

Recognize the importance of self reflection

This year at Gustavus has been wonderful for the campus community, it was far from perfect, but our community grew so much over the past two semesters. At the end of the year, I always find myself reflecting on my […]