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The search for support

A controversial poster put on the bulletin board in the Jackson Campus Center.

Being involved in campus organizations is a big part of being a Gustie. Ask almost any student on campus to describe themselves, and they’ll list off any number of commitments they have to student organizations. Being part of something you […]

Three Crowns, five stars

Three Crowns students on a visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Art

Nearly every incoming first-year shares a simultaneous heart-drop during the last month of their high school senior year when Gustavus mails one more envelope requesting yet another seemingly life-changing decision to be made: Three Crowns program or Liberal Arts curriculum? […]

To those who suffer in silence

Light therapy boxes to help with SAD can be found in the library.

After the coldest week of the year so far, I’m sure that we’re all looking forward to the rest of fall and eventually the holiday season. But for many students on campus, including myself, the colder season and overcast skies […]

The period problem

Health Services gives out some free hygiene products.

Saturday, Oct. 19 is National Period Day and in heart of this, there will be a rally in Minneapolis along with several other cities around the nation. National Period Day and the rallies associated with it work for three main […]

Tackling the issue of club sports

Quinn Bentz, a player on the Women’s Rugby team, makes a play down the rugby pitch.

In recent years, club sports at Gustavus have been successful. The Women’s Rugby team placed fourth in the nation in the fall of 2018; the Gustavus Dance Team second at Nationals and the Men’s Rugby team had one of their […]

The common, common cold

The campus is currently flooded with tissues and sick students..

Fall brings so many great things, but it also brings the sick bug that Gusties can’t seem to get away from. Gustavus offers various resources and tips to prevent getting sick this time of year, and for those who fall […]

Battle the climate crisis on campus

Quinn Bentz, a player on the Women’s Rugby team, makes a play down the rugby pitch.

Greta Thunberg saying, “How dare you,” is perhaps her most striking line from her address to the United Nations Climate Summit. By now, I’m sure that we all are a bit sick of hearing about climate change. Here at Gustavus, […]

Bring back CBD

Starting this year, Gustavus enforced a new policy that prohibits students from having possession of Cannabidiol (CBD) on campus. This came as a shock to many students, as it has been praised in the news and has been proven to […]

Multilingualism in our Global Society

The Culpeper Language Center offers a space to practice your knowledge in several languages.

The internet, politics, natural resources, travel, economy and sheer curiosity connect every country into the global society that we live in. Individual countries no longer function as the singular entities that they once were. What happens in one country is […]

Choosing the planet over price

A daily menu for the Gustavus cafeteria

As students settled into a new school year, challenging classes made for howling stomachs. The familiar aroma of mashed potatoes was welcoming and fresh fruit can never be passed up on a September afternoon. However, as students walked confidently through […]