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How valuable are printed photographs?

Living in the digital age, a lot of the things we used to use as kids have now turned digital. Many complain that printing out pictures takes time and effort, but a Gustavus alum, Sarah Duffy, created an app called […]

Groundswell day takes action in the face of apathy

Gusties protesting for climate action at Groundswell.

On March 22, 400 Gustavus students, faculty, and staff gathered in Christ Chapel to demand changes to the curriculum and overall campus policies to confront climate change. These demands included sustainability education, administrative transparency, infrastructure, divestment from fossil fuels, and […]

Letter from the editor: a small printer jam

Cannon Valley Publishing Company

The Gustavian Weekly’s campus news stands have sat empty for the past few weeks after a closure of Adams Publishing-owned Cannon Valley Printing in Northfield, Minnesota. Between spring break,  Easter break and printing issues, the Weekly hasn’t been maintaining the […]

Advice for the floundering first-year (3/22/19)

Dear First-years, It’s almost midterms, and with those come increased academic stress. We’ve all heard tips on how to decrease this kind of stress: do yoga, deep breathing, eat right, etc. But I want to talk about what happens when […]

Transnational identity rises at Gustavus Transnationality: A Rising Identity At Gustavus

They are around us. They are among us. They are us. Gustavus takes pride in its diversity and the international community, but how many of us are aware of the term transnationality? Transnationality is an identity that develops from the […]

Gustavus students deserve better parking

Perhaps one of the “hottest topics” at Gustavus is the parking situation. Throughout the room draw process, one of the biggest criteria for many with a vehicle on campus is whether or not there is parking close to the dorm. […]

Gusties have different spring break ideals

Just as warmer weather is finally rolling around, so is spring break. It is a well-deserved break due to the never-ending snowstorms we have experienced so far, and a lot of us make the most of what we do over […]

Advice for the floundering first-year (3/15/19)

Dear first years- I’m going to be honest with you: friendships were a lot easier during our elementary school playground days than they are in college. Back then, friends were the people you played with at recess, the people in […]

Compassionate communication: the key to a diverse campus

One of the best things about attending a liberal arts college is the chance to discover new parts of the world.  My favorite part about being a Gustie is the way my time here has exposed me to new ideas […]

Caffeinate yourself in St. Peter

Coffee and college students, name a better dynamic duo. We have so many places to choose from, yet we all have our favorites for our own personal reasons. While coffee doesn’t change much, it is the atmosphere and employees that […]