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Tales from Abroad

Tales from Abroad – Laura Isdahl

Last spring, instead of the flat prairie farmland of St. Peter, I was surrounded by mountains and a chilly ocean with swarms of penguins zooming by. I studied abroad in South Africa as part of a program called, “Multiculturalism and […]

Tales from Abroad – Jenna Hooper

I studied abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia in the Fall of 2015. One highlight? Babies in jars. If you cross the Dvortsoviy Bridge on Nevsky Prospekt and hang a left you’ll come across the Kuntskamera, Russia’s first anthropological museum. You […]

Tales from Abroad – Caroline Probst

Hej alla från Sverige! Life is good. I have now lived in Sweden for over two months and I don’t even want to think about having to leave in June. As soon as I stepped off the plane, I fell […]

Tales from Abroad – Anna Lund

When I went to Japan, I wanted to have various experiences and go to a new place every day. I also wanted to eat a variety of Japanese cuisine. I assumed that I would make friends, but I didn’t think […]

Tales from Abroad – Amanda Downs

I have just returned from an absolutely wonderful J-Term abroad experience (and I have the jet lag and luggage stress to prove it, thanks Delta)! All these temperaments aside, I can truly say that if you ever have the chance […]

Tales from Abroad – Ian McKeag

January 3rd, 2016. This day marks the beginning of a trip full of rainy days, surreal experiences, phenomenal fellowship, and a period of my life only describable as grand. I don’t plan on giving you a life-revelation here. I won’t […]

Tales from Abroad – Solveig Svendsen

Hey Gusties! I am currently spending my semester abroad in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. As someone who has lived and gone to school in the same state her entire life, I was slightly worried about being over 4,000 […]

Tales from Abroad – Shelby Pankratz

Last spring semester I studied abroad in the bustling town of Florence, Italy. Over 4,750 miles and 110 days away from home, I visited 28 cities in a total of six countries and had the absolute time of my life. […]

Tales from Abroad – Ben Keran

Growing up, I won’t say I was bull-headed, but I think I could have easily been described as stubborn. I tended (and still do) to think that my opinion, whether it was well documented or not, was always clearly the […]

Tales from Abroad – Carl Cusack

Selamat Pagi! This past spring semester, ten Gusties, including myself, were met with this Malay morning greeting as part of our Semester in Malaysia: Living Diversity study abroad program. No matter where you go in Malaysia, locals will greet you […]