Senior Spotlight: Gustie Runner Birgen Nelson

Parker Burman – Staff Writer Birgen Nelson has been a vital member of the Gustavus Track and Field team for the last three years. In just three short years she has created a legacy that will continue to last for years to come. Her impact has not solely been in the field of competition, but also wide-reaching across the Gustavus community and campus. In her … Continue reading Senior Spotlight: Gustie Runner Birgen Nelson

Senior spotlight: Last one, fast one

Nyden Hill – Staff Writer Andrew Becker is a name that many people associate with the sports community, particularly the swimming community. The MIAC community has come to associate this name with Gustavus swimming and diving. During his tenure at Gustavus the Junior sprint standout has amassed a mountain of accomplishments, being an All-American, Conference Champion, and school record holder. To give some background on … Continue reading Senior spotlight: Last one, fast one

Swim and Dive Senior Spotlight

Autumn Zierman – Staff Writer With the swim and dive season already heavily underway and restrictions heavily in place on competition and travel, the Gustavus Swim and Dive team spent last Saturday, February 13, preparing for end-of-season with another Intra-squad meet. While practicing almost every day a week, twice a day, certainly gears the team up for competition, Intra-squad meets allow the simulation of an actual … Continue reading Swim and Dive Senior Spotlight

A Different Breed

Jack Wiessenberger – Staff Writer Collegiate Men’s Hockey players are a different breed. Many started playing at a very young age and before competing at the college level, spent years preparing in the junior leagues. The level of dedication each player has to the game of hockey is immense. Hard work, persistence and a love for competition are traits all hockey players share. Patrick Gazich, a … Continue reading A Different Breed

Senior Spotlight: Touching Base with Softball Player Ashley Neuenfeldt

The Gustie student-athlete up to bat in this week’s feature is senior Ashley Neuenfeldt. A pitcher and outfielder for the Gustavus Softball team, Neuenfeldt hails from Bloomington, Minnesota. At a time when many of Gusties have left campus, Neuenfeldt’s reminiscence of her best memories with the team remind us of the value of connection, however we must do it while apart. Neuenfeldt has made quite … Continue reading Senior Spotlight: Touching Base with Softball Player Ashley Neuenfeldt

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Sydney Henrichs (Women’s Hockey)

Senior athletes of any collegiate sports team are always looked up to and admired. Their ability to lead the team and set examples is invaluable. This week, the spotlight shines on the Gustavus Women’s Hockey Team’s only senior athlete: Senior Sydney Henrichs. Henrichs came to Gustavus from Minnesota’s own Eden Prairie High School where she enjoyed relative success. Her team won the Minnesota High School … Continue reading SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Sydney Henrichs (Women’s Hockey)

Senior Spotlight: Andrew Stumbo (Men’s Track & Field)

Entering the limelight this week‒in a time when his humor could not be more appreciated nor needed‒ is Senior Andrew Stumbo of the Male Cross-Country team. Originating from Ogden High School in Boone, Iowa, Stumbo has been involved in athletics since elementary school, and has done Gustavus proud over his athletic career here- this past January he was named an All-Academic Athlete by the U.S. … Continue reading Senior Spotlight: Andrew Stumbo (Men’s Track & Field)

Senior Spotlight: Mouaad Alhouni

The spotlight this week travels to Senior Mouaad Alhouni who represents the Gustavus spirit and campus like quite no other on the Tennis Court! To get the inside scoop on life as a Gustavus tennis player, specifically a senior, I got the chance to interview Mouaad and learn some of the highlights. While Gustavus, and surely the Tennis team, will mourn the loss of a … Continue reading Senior Spotlight: Mouaad Alhouni

Senior Spotlight: John Campisi – Men’s Baseball

Stepping into this week’s senior spotlight, out of Thornton, Colorado, standing six feet tall, and a chiseled 185lbs, Gustavus’s most eligible bachelor, John Campisi. Campisi has been a member of the Gustavus Men’s Baseball team for the past three years. I sat down with Campisi to see what life has been like over the past few months and how he is adapting to COVID college … Continue reading Senior Spotlight: John Campisi – Men’s Baseball


Our fall sports Senior Spotlight this week is Senior Women’s Soccer Foward Katie Ashpole. The crisp fall weather, colorful leaves and pervasive busy feeling as classes and organizations become more intense comes with a variety of nostalgic memories for many Gusties. For fall sport student-athletes, walking across an orange-bathed campus in the afternoon might conjure memories of previous years, with autumn breezes taking them back … Continue reading SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Katie Ashpole