The best summer movies

Raquel Vaughn-

Summer is the only time of year when I have the opportunity to watch as many movies as I want. It is also the one time of year when I romanticize my life and think all of these wonderful things will happen. In summer, anything can happen. At least, that’s what it seems like in every coming-of-age movie.

The first one, which is a comfort movie for me, is The Breakfast Club. It’s the ultimate “anything can happen” film because the characters learn new things about themselves and the society they live in. John Bender learns how to open up and be vulnerable; Claire allows to be seen as less than perfect; Brian defines his worth as beyond what his parents or anybody else says it is; Andrew discovers he doesn’t have to fit into the status quo; and Allison allows herself to be seen. The movie may not be set during the summer, hence the fact that they are in detention, but it’s proof that you can have a good time in any circumstance. This is what summer is all about. Perhaps you are like me and all you do during the summertime is wake up, go to work, and sleep. And then maybe you do it all over again the next day. This repeats every day until late August when you add school and extracurricular activities into the mix. Whatever your summer looks like, you are capable of growth and a good time.

Two other comfort movies of mine that are perfect for the summer are The Sandlot and The Benchwarmers. Both movies, if you do not know, are baseball movies. They are made with the baseball fans in mind. The Sandlot is a perfect coming-of-age movie in itself as the main character and narrator, Scotty Smalls, makes friends through the game of baseball -which he knows close to nothing about- and then grows to love it. By the end of the movie, Scotty is shown as an announcer in the major leagues. It’s a lovable story about friendship. It’s a feel-good movie that reminds everyone that summer is the perfect season to be with friends, make new friends, experience new things, and hone your skills.

The Benchwarmers is another heartwarming movie about friendship and the love of baseball. The biggest message of the movie is that everyone deserves to love baseball no matter who the person is, what they look like, and so on. Gus, the main character who is a grown man, rediscovers his love for baseball after warning off some bullies who were trying to monopolize a field at their local park. The entire movie follows him and his friends, Richie and Clark, as they learn how to play baseball. They teach neighborhood kids about the sport and help hone their confidence in sports. By the end of the movie, everyone wins. Bullied kids finally find a safe place on the field and the bullies learn that letting everyone play really isn’t all that bad. It’s about the love of the game. Baseball is a perfect sport for the summer, whether you’re playing it or watching it. If your favorite team isn’t playing that day or you can’t make it to a ballpark, turn on this fantastic movie!

It’s not summer without any music and dancing, which brings me to my next favorite movie of the season, Mamma Mia!: The Movie. Like sports and teen coming-of-age movies, musicals are a great way to get into the sunny, beachy vibes of the season. And the best musical to feel ready for the summer is the one of the story about Sophie and her possible three dads: Sam, Harry, and Kurt. With songs like “Our Last Summer” and “Voulez-Vous,” Mamma Mia: The Movie is not only a great movie, but a great soundtrack for the summer.

And if you’re not into comedy, sports, romance, and musicals, then perhaps horror is more your style. A perfect horror movie for the summer, in my opinion, is Midsommar. It is set in the summer at a small commune, with visuals of grass, trees, and wind. The traditional Swedish soundtrack, despite the film’s horror aspect, gives summer vibes. And it’s not filmed in the dark, so watching it at 7:39 p.m. when the sun is still out won’t be an inconvenient time. Have you ever tried watching Insidious in broad daylight? It’s hard. You can’t be scared if you can’t see anything.

Summer is a great time to actually relax and lose yourself in a movie or two. The sunlight, the wind, and the warm weather are tempting enough. But what if it’s too hot of a day? Or what if the bugs are particularly annoying? Stay inside on a summer evening with the windows open, when the sun is an hour away from fully setting, and when it’s 77 degrees outside, and just listen to the birds chirp as you watch a heartwarming movie. Or it can be Midsommar. But there’s always a good movie to watch on a summer night.


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