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COVID-19 Online Issue: March 26th, 2020

Gustavian Weekly Issue 18

Campus Safety Report (3/13/2020)

Saturday, February 29th A suspicious person was reported to Campus Safety. The area was checked and no one was located. Monday, March 2nd No incidents reported Tuesday, March 3rd No incidents reported Wednesday, March 4th Campus Safety responded to a […]

Campus Safety Report (3/6/2020)

Monday, February 24th Campus Safety responded to Norelius Hall for welfare check. Campus Safety received a request for a welfare check in Uhler Hall. Tuesday, February 25th A CF witnessed a student drinking during class. A CF was approached about […]

Campus Safety Report (2/28/2020)

Monday, February 17th A Gustavus employee reported the loss of a campus key. A student reported possibly being drugged while at an off-campus gathering. Campus Safety was contacted in regards to a mental health concern. Campus Safety performed a welfare […]

Campus Safety Report (2/21/2020)

Thursday, February 13  Campus Safety responded to a theft report of stolen boots in Norelius Hall sometime between February 12 at 2130 hours and February 13 at 0740 hours. Campus Safety was notified about a water leak on second floor […]

Campus Safety Report (2/14/2020)

Sunday, February 1st Campus Safety responded to a dog barking in Uhler Hall. Campus Safety responded to a medical in Southwest Hall. Victim was transported by ambulance to Rivers Edge. Monday, February 2nd Campus Safety discovered obscene graffiti in Uhler […]

Campus Safety Report (12/6/19)

Monday, November 18th No incidents reported Tuesday, November 19th No incidents reported Wednesday, November 20th Campus Safety discovered students on the roof of Southwest Hall. Students referred to the campus conduct system. Campus Safety performed a medical transport to Rivers […]

Campus Safety Report (11/22/19)

Monday, November 11th Campus Safety detected the odor of Marijuana in North Hall. Tuesday, November 12th Campus Safety responded to a report of underage possession. Campus Safety Office had sewer backup. Wednesday, November 13th Campus Safety responded to the Campus […]

Campus Safety Report (11/15/19)

Monday, October 28th Campus Safety responded to Sohre Hall to take a report for a student who’s rear wheel was stolen off their bicycle. A student reported being pushed and called an inappropriate name. Tuesday, October 29th Campus Safety responded […]

Campus Safety Report (11/1/19)

Sunday, October 13 A student reported a suspicious incident while walking on campus between Campus Center and Sohre Hall. Monday, October 14 Campus Safety was called for a harassing phone call in Sohre Hall. Tuesday, October 15 Campus Safety responded […]