Fumbling finals (Web Exclusive)

Houston McLaury-

Welp, it’s the end of the semester, Gusties. Another spring has passed us by, and with that, a multitude of changes will roll through the halls of each building with new requirements, new classes, and new people to meet come the start of the Fall semester. Along with that change comes the departure of the 2024 graduating class, pursuing bigger and better things as they move off and away from The Hill.

As we gear up and settle into the long trek of finals week, it’s important to study and prepare, yes, but it is also important to give yourself time to relax and destress from everything that is going on. You can partake in simple daily activities like giving yourself ten minutes of rest during intense study sessions, and more abstract subjects like organizing nights to spend with friends or attending campus activities. In doing so, you’ll find yourself in a better state of mind, ready to tackle all that this week will throw at you.

One of the first options you can take in giving your brain some time to refresh and relax is to give yourself breaks during your study sessions. Instead of cramming and studying a bunch of material throughout multiple hours of the day, it is better to allow yourself short breaks between study sets. This lets your mind have a short break, allowing you to relax for a short period of time and can encourage greater concentration on your work. What one might do during this break time can be varied, whether it be responding to a friend for a little bit, snacking and watching a short video, reading a few pages of a book, or playing a game, a whole list of opportunities are available during this slotted break time.

Not only that, but this also allows a greater test of memory. By stepping away from your work and letting your mind wander for a bit, you can test how well you remember the material, getting a greater idea of what you need to study more, and how much more time needs to be spent on that subject. All in all, it offers a great opportunity to save your brain and improve your study habits.

Moving away from a study-focused mindset, there are other ways to ease the stress of this final week of classes, exams, and papers. One of which is through spending time with friends. Hanging out with other people, whether it be for a movie night, a game night, or any other kind of night can help ease the worries that the average day brings, especially when an average day can amount to multiple hours studying over a desk.

And, in hanging out with these friends, you form a greater connection to them. A connection that can last a lifetime; in times of great sorrow to times of great joy, these connections can last for years. So don’t waste them. Don’t squander the chance you have to connect with those around you, reach out, ask people how they are, and take interest in all who surround you. Don’t close yourself off from the world, embrace all that can come from the people around you!

This leads me to my next suggestion: try things out. Go to the club meeting you’ve always wanted to go to or the one-time event that the wonderful folks on campus put on. Go see the plays, the concerts, the games, see everything that you can, and let yourself be wrapped up in these moments. There are so many wonderful opportunities that the campus offers, experiences meant to excite and the event will only last for a short period of time. So seize the time you have, and try something new when you need to relax. Try to see what some of these events are all about.

Time seems to move faster on The Hill. Months turn into weeks, days turn into hours, and whole years can pass in the blink of an eye. And while you may think you have time, that you still have a few years to try things out, don’t limit yourself to enjoying life in the future. Enjoy all that life offers in the present before it passes by. So, Gusties, study well and take time to enjoy yourselves, and I hope that you all do fantastic on your finals!!


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