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Sounds of Music with Jason Gerling

On Tuesday, April 26, the Diversity Center hosted a performance by award-winning drummer and Minnesota native Jason Gerling. He played drums before a car accident left him paralyzed, but unwilling to give up his passion, he invented a modified drum kit that allowed him to continue to play drums.

Not much to hate in The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight boasts of an all-star cast including Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

When you become as acclaimed as director and writer Quentin Tarantino, maintaining expectations becomes increasingly difficult. Every time he releases a new movie, the first impulse of critics and fans is to immediately compare it to his other productions. But […]

Gustie of the Week – Reid Larson

Reid’s friends describe him as caring, loyal, and funny.

There’s a certain kind of competiveness and desire to get things done to the best and fullest of one’s abilities that you don’t find in just anyone, but Junior Reid Larson is one of those people. One humorous example is […]

Gustavus hosts Saudi filmmaker Faiza Ambah

Mariam portrays a Muslim girl who is forced to choose between removing her hijab or being expelled from school.

On Monday night at 8p.m. in the Heritage room, the Gustavus community will welcome film director Faiza Ambah for a showing of her film, Mariam. Several groups on campus are co-sponsoring Ambah’s visit including the Muslim Students Association, the Diversity […]

Brian Laidlaw blends poetry and music

Brian Laidlaw serenaded Gusties on Tuesday, April 19 with his unique blend of poetry and music. A self-proclaimed “troubadour-poet” from San Francisco, he studied Creative writing as an undergraduate then went on to earn a MFA in Poetry. Laidlaw’s poems and song lyrics have been widely published in many journals and magazines and has released a hybrid/poetry project called Amoratorium, as well as having had his first full-length book of poems, The Stuntman, published in 2015.

Krampus comes to town

Krampus rides the line between dark comedy and horror.

The concept for a Krampus movie sounds so fun that I’m surprised it’s taken this long to get one in theatres at this point. For those that don’t know, Krampus is a character from Austrian folklore who is essentially a […]

Gustie of the Week – Caroline David

Caroline’s friends describe her as fun and emotionally intelligent.

One aspect of a liberal arts education is learning as much as you can across different disciplines to gain a deeper understanding of how fields of knowledge intersect and interplay with each other and to become a well rounded person. […]

Gustavus presents Endgame & Other Short Plays

Sam Keillor plays the role of Clov in Endgame.

Opening night for Endgame and Other Short Plays by Samuel Beckett was Thursday night. The play, directed by Amy Seham, will continue to run through this weekend. “It is a series of plays although the main one is Endgame,” Seham […]

Local Arts Center feautures prof’s plays

Rachael Manser – Variety Editor

Spring into Theaters

Some highly anticipated films will be released in the next couple of months including The Jungle Book, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Captain America: Civil War.

It still might be April, but summer is quickly approaching. Even though May might not be a summer month, it is considered to be the beginning of the summer movie blockbuster season. The rest of April and May have some […]