Gusties of the Week: Our Readers

Taylor Storlien-

The Gustie(s) of the Week are our readers! As a college campus newspaper, our readers are a huge part of who we are, ranging from professors, students, family members, and alumni. Our readers vary from those who dive into The Weekly on-campus happenings, to those who transfer their New York Times Games skills to our crosswords and word searches. History Professor Greg Kaster is one of the Weekly’s most avid readers: “What I enjoy most about reading The Weekly is that it helps me stay current with what students are thinking and doing on campus. I also enjoy and take inspiration from reading about student academic and co-curricular achievements,” Kaster said.

Similarly, Sophomore Marisa Bacon reads the Weekly to learn more about what is happening on campus and believes that “Other people should read the Weekly to take advantage of the resources that they have available to them on campus! Whether you end up learning something or having a laugh, it is a great way to engage with the work of other students,” Bacon said.

“Everyone–faculty, students, administrators, and staff–should read The Weekly as a window on Gustavus in the present,” Kaster said. While The Gustavian Weekly releases weekly issues, there is also a long history of the newspaper at Gustavus. With a large archive of previous issues, there is a lot of room to dive into the past to discover more about Gustavus’ history. Professor Kaster spends time reading issues from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Why? In order “… to understand the College toward the end of what historians call the long 1960s,” Kaster said.

At a small campus, having an audience for print is key for growth and new ideas. “Print journalism is important as it is a form of expression and of creativity that opens up room for growth. It helps to foster a sense of education and of community that is difficult to find in any other medium,” Bacon said. According to Gustavus’ website, about 13% of students enter Gustavus undeclared. Having the opportunity to access on-campus print journalism is a way to foster inspiration, discover clubs/organizations one might not have known about, and to attend new events to broaden horizons!

For example, one of our readers’ favorite and most memorable articles was one written by our opinion columnist Raquel Vaughn: “Overinvolved Gustie.” Print media gives a glimpse into a world outside of the physical realm one might experience on their own: “It was fun to see her walk through her life and see chronicles that are not recounted when we are in person,” Bacon said regarding the article.

Our readers value the significance of print journalism within campus as well as within the scope of the world. Professor Kaster, who teaches U.S. History and loves teaching all of his courses, emphasizes the importance of “Freedom of the Press” and how vital it is “…thinking of journalists around the world who risk and too often lose their freedom or even lives reporting from war zones or because of authoritarian governments imprisoning them,” Kaster said. And while, on the one hand, our reader base is small, the fact we have one is key. “A free press and vigorous and rigorous journalism are essential to democracy,” Kaster said.

So, recommend The Gustavian Weekly to your family and friends next school year! Thank you for reading!

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