Paint it Purple Week

Colin Maiwurm – Staff Writer With the current snowstorm upon Gustavus, The American Cancer Society student organization pushes through the snow to prepare for the Paint it Purple events that are coming up. This student organization is directly affiliated with the National American Cancer Society. The Paint it Purple events are this organization’s way to start educating others on cancer and advertise their bigger events … Continue reading Paint it Purple Week

Gusties show their gratitude

Katie Samek – Staff Writer This week was Gustie Gratitude Week, an event that runs every day from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Feb. 20-24 at the booths located in the Caf. This event provides students with an opportunity to thank the countless donors who help fund various endeavors around campus, from various academic scholarships to international tour funds to building expansions and renovations.  … Continue reading Gusties show their gratitude

PAs Kick Off 100 Hour Challenge

Elliot Steeves – Staff Writer The 100 Hour Challenge, an initiative designed to promote on-campus reduction in individual alcohol consumption and marijuana usage, kicked off once again on Wed Feb. 15. Students who register for the initiative will either spend 100 hours away from binge drinking or abstain completely from alcohol. Similarly, they can either reduce or eliminate usage of marijuana. The challenge is described … Continue reading PAs Kick Off 100 Hour Challenge

The end of an era

Cadence Paramore – Editor-in-Chief It’s hard to believe that the semester is already coming to an end. Freshman year simultaneously feels like it was just yesterday and a lifetime ago.  At the beginning of the semester I set goals for myself and for the Weekly as I stepped into the position of Editor-in-Chief, and looking back over this semester I’m pleased with our accomplishments. We … Continue reading The end of an era

Soups and Sexuality

Mel Pardock – Staff Writer On Wednesday, Nov. 30, the Gustavus Peer Assistants hosted an event entitled “Soups and Sexuality” in the Center for Inclusive Excellence (CIE). The event was created to give Gusties a safe space in which to talk about the complexities of the spectrum of identity, sexual orientation, and inclusivity. And what better way to convince some freezing cold Gusties to trudge … Continue reading Soups and Sexuality

Federal Student Loan Relief Program: What we know

Cadence Paramore – Editor-in-Chief On August 24th of this year, the Biden-Harris Administration announced a three-part plan for student loan forgiveness. This plan consists of a final extension of the student loan repayment pause and ensuring that the student loan system is more manageable for current and future borrowers. Additionally, it provides targeted debt relief, meaning that students would no longer be required to pay … Continue reading Federal Student Loan Relief Program: What we know