Senior Spotlight – Darren Lapic

Q: What are your expectations for the season?

A: The expectation for the season is the same every year, win the MIAC playoff championship. That should never change knowing the rich history of Gustavus Hockey. We lost several key players from last year’s team that are missed but we can’t make excuses. This year’s teams needs to depend on overall role team play rather than pure skill if we are going to make it far. In years past we have just simply been more skilled than every other team, this year the conference is more even. Every team has a chance, in years past it was St.Thomas, St. Johns, and us. We as a team have much to prove now, but I feel our team is in good hands and it begs the questions why not us?

Q: What is your best athletic memory?

A: My favorite athletic memory would have to be playing Saturday nights at the Don vs St.Thomas or St. Johns games. Everyone on and off the ice gets a little more hostel. Win or lose they were always entertaining and hard fought games. The games always brought out the competitive nature in everybody. Either nut up or get out. After a win the locker room was all smiles, blaring timber on the stereo and everybody in a slight hustle so we could share some sprites with the team back at the house.

Q: Why would you recommend Gustavus?

I’d recommend Gustavus to prospective students because its a great school to learn educationally and we also have some fun on the weekends. They took care of me so I have nothing but positive memories when looking back at my time here.