Christmas in Christ Chapel extends Worldwide

Every year, Gustavus chooses a special theme and message to organize their famous Christmas in Christ Chapel performance around.

Last year’s theme centered on the exploration of the significance of Jesus’ birth 2,000 years ago through cosmic dimensions. However, this year Gustavus approaches Christmas in Christ Chapel a little differently by centering the theme and message around the Pilgrimage to Mecca to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem.

The celebration in Bethlehem includes a procession, a multitude of lights and music all fill the city, streets and churches. Gustavus’ choir organization hopes to replicate the beauty of the celebration in the in the Chapel. Christmas in Christ Chapel is made up of Gustavus’ three choirs, St. Lucia singers, G-Choir and Chapel Choir.

All three choirs together make up around 350 singers plus their talented conductors and other volunteers of the college’s community come together to put on this amazing spectacle.

This year’s Christmas in Christ Chapel will mark its 43rd year at Gustavus drawing in people year after year to participate and enjoy the picturesque performance.

“I love how it represents the values and faith within our community in such a public way,” Senior Communications major, Meredith Fahrenz said.

Meredith Fahrenz was apart of the St. Lucia singers her freshman year at Gustavus and continues to support the choir by coming back every year.

“It was more powerful being in the choir because I was able to, see the production from start to finish, how the music touched our audience members, and it was also amazing to see how the members of the choir came together to create such a beautiful night.” Fahrenz said.

Christmas in Christ Chapel or better known as C in CC is one of Gustavus’ most famous events, even alumni of all graduating years come back to enjoy the night.

“I participated as a Freshman and Sophomore and it was so much fun putting it all on. I definitely would do it again.” 2015 alum, Emily Crea said.

The night is filled with beautiful lights, and amazing music. The tickets usually sell out right away too, so it’s recommended to get them soon.

Gustavus Choirs, Orchestras and more perform during Christmas in Christ Chapel.
Gustavus Choirs, Orchestras and more perform during Christmas in Christ Chapel.

“I would recommend that every student and their family members go at least once to Christmas in Christ Chapel because it’s such an experience that only comes around once a year and every year is different which makes it even more unique.” Senior Athletic Training major, Alison Millar said.

Another aspect of Christmas in Christ Chapel that many rave notable is the light display set up in the Chapel, along with the decorations.

“It’s absolutely stunning how everything is decorated, I would go just for the scenery.” Millar said.

It’s no question that Christmas in Christ Chapel is the place to be this weekend. Gustavus provides many opportunities to catch the performance, however, tickets become very scarce closer to the performance, sometimes students end up selling them. There are a total of five performances over the weekend of December 4, 2015 starting at either 3:30 or 7:30 p.m.

“You’ll regret not going, it’s suppose to be an amazing performance once again this year so if you can get your hands on tickets, I strongly suggest attending.” Fahrenz said.