Science On The Beach: Learn How to Get the Perfect Spring Break Bod

If you have noticed that your jeans are fitting a little tighter after J-term, you may have fallen victim to a winter weight gain. With spring break about five weeks away, it’s time to stop hibernating and start thinking about turning your flabs into abs. Luckily, football strength and conditioning coordinator Zach Vine stopped by The Weekly office to provide some tips for how to … Continue reading Science On The Beach: Learn How to Get the Perfect Spring Break Bod

Gone Clubbin’: Nordic Ski Still Adjusting to Losing Its Varsity Status

While many of us Gusties like to complain about the snow on the ground, members of the club Nordic ski team on campus take full advantage of it by racing lengths ranging from 1.5 kilometers to 55 kilometers through the white fluff. Many students may not know what the Nordic ski club on campus is all about, so continue reading to find out more about … Continue reading Gone Clubbin’: Nordic Ski Still Adjusting to Losing Its Varsity Status

Senior Spotlight – Emily Reibert

Q: Has this season lived up to your expectations? A: This season hasn’t lived up to my expectations. My freshman year was so much different because we didn’t lose a game up until we made it to the Final Four. This year has been a bit of a roller coaster. I think that if we continue to focus on the things we can control the … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Emily Reibert

Track & Field Throws Big Numbers Up

Last season of Track and Field was a disappointment for both the men’s and women’s teams, who both placed ninth at the MIAC indoor championships, and seventh at the MIAC outdoor championships. It was a tough season, but the men and Women have both stepped it up this year. So far this season of indoor track has been impressive and spectacular. The men came in … Continue reading Track & Field Throws Big Numbers Up

Immigration Law Seizes Humanity

Early in the fall semester, I published an article here in The Gustavian Weekly regarding the injustice of civil asset forfeiture, a process by which United States police officers and federal agents can seize the property of citizens without charging the citizens with a crime. Now, I am obligated to call attention to the atrocity of migrant asset seizure occurring in Europe. The so-called “migrant … Continue reading Immigration Law Seizes Humanity

Feminism’s Generation Gap

If you don’t know who Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright are by now, you should. Both women are still active in progressing the rights of women in the United States and are seen as important global feminist leaders. Both women have come out in support of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the New Hampshire primaries. However, their endorsements came with the assertion that young women … Continue reading Feminism’s Generation Gap

Dissent in the Age of Outrage

In the age of outrage, where offense is currency and political differences have polarized, college campuses must combat the urge to insulate students in an ideological echo chamber. It would be silly to pretend that the Gustavus community is representative, let alone remotely resemblant, of American society. The truth is that we are a remarkably liberal campus, steeped in social and political activism for many … Continue reading Dissent in the Age of Outrage

Beyonce’s Critics Fall Flat

Cuz nothing brings us all together better than angry @Beyonce shaking her a** & shouting “Negro” repeatedly.” The sarcastic tweet from conservative commentator Michelle Malkin just begins to summarize the harsh backlash surrounding a good old-fashioned American controversy following the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show. Rush Limbaugh had similarly degrading words for Beyoncé, describing her as “representative of the cultural decay and the political decay … Continue reading Beyonce’s Critics Fall Flat