Gustie of the Week – Tyler Bishop

If you glance out into the fan section of most Gustavus sporting events, you can usually spot Senior Tyler Bishop decked out in Gustie gear, leading the loudest chants, and cheering his fellow classmates on to victory. “Tyler is the biggest fan at sporting events. At a recent football game he was told by a referee that his megaphone needed to be confiscated but the … Continue reading Gustie of the Week – Tyler Bishop

Women’s Basketball Working Hard: Team looks to improve in the face of rule changes

On Monday, Nov. 16, the Gustavus women’s basketball team began their season with a win against Martin Luther College. The team started off shaky at first, leaving the first-half with a score of 36-35. However, the ladies picked up their speed in the second half of the game, defeating the Knights 79-59. Sophomore forward Miranda Rice played a big role in the win; in total. … Continue reading Women’s Basketball Working Hard: Team looks to improve in the face of rule changes

Football Gets to Seven Wins for the First Time since 2001

This past Saturday, the Gustavus football season concluded with a loss to the University of St. Thomas, who are currently ranked 4th in the nation according to Despite the loss, the Gusties had a rather successful season. The team ended with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses, the best record the team has had since the 2001 season. Compiling a conference record … Continue reading Football Gets to Seven Wins for the First Time since 2001

Senior Spotlight – Chris Narum

Q: What are your expectations for the season? A: Our expectation is to put ourselves in a situation to have success in postseason play. We believe in our team and by staying focused on the process we will be in a good position. Q: What is your best athletic memory? A: Last year when St. Thomas came here the atmosphere was electric. Having such great … Continue reading Senior Spotlight – Chris Narum

Cross Country crosses finish line strong

Both the Gustavus Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams competed at the NCAA Central Region Meet on Saturday, Nov. 14 down at Central College in Pella, Iowa. Neither team had individuals qualify for the National Tournament but the race was still a strong finish to both of their seasons. The men’s team placed 6th out of 29 teams. In total, the team amassed 227 points … Continue reading Cross Country crosses finish line strong

The Limitations of the 2nd Amendment

We as American citizens have 27 amendments to our Constitution that shape the foundation of our very nation. Some are longer than others, some apply to today’s world, others are moot points. The amendment that I believe is argued about the most, and also happens to be the shortest, is the second amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free … Continue reading The Limitations of the 2nd Amendment

The Underfunded and Overworked FDA

Earlier this year, I read an article from The New York Times that discussed a lack of funding that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) desperately needed to enforce a certain food safety law. This seems to be a common theme in the government these days; agencies and government programs being underfunded. Yet maybe we should consider giving a little more funding to an agency … Continue reading The Underfunded and Overworked FDA

Is News Even News Anymore?

In today’s world, what people account for and call ‘news’ is questionable. Often times people are only interested in what might be called “shock news”: information that is so outrageous that we can’t but help to click on the website or pick up the magazine/newspaper. At the same time, even when a newspaper or media channel does not use these shock tactics, the information provided … Continue reading Is News Even News Anymore?

Technology: A Tool for Taking Over

Throughout the past twenty years technology has continued to amaze millions of people throughout the world. Today, most people have iPhones, Androids, or other types of smartphones. These smartphones were created to help reduce the need for a computer, and they have. But has their purpose gone too far? Let’s go back twenty years when the Internet was just starting out. In 1993, John Allen … Continue reading Technology: A Tool for Taking Over

Protecting Hateful Speech

In 1977, a neo-Nazi group announced its intentions to march through a predominantly Jewish community in Skokie, Illinois. The marchers intended to wear Nazi uniforms and display swastikas through a neighborhood where one in six people were Holocaust survivors. Speech doesn’t get much more hateful than that. Ultimately, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) controversially defended the group’s right to freedom of speech and freedom … Continue reading Protecting Hateful Speech