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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor (3/14/2014)

To the Gustavus community: We, the Tau Mu Tau Sorority, would like to express our sincerest apologies to those offended by the culturally derogatory costume choice by one of our members at a social event this past weekend. We do […]

Letter to the Editor (3/7/2014)

Response to “No ifs, ands, or butts” I am deeply disappointed in the representation of Student Senate presented in the recent article “No ifs, ands, or butts.” Ms Nickel’s writing showed a profound lack of knowledge concerning both the situation […]

Letters to the Editor (11/15/2013)

“Maybe People Would Give a Damn if Taylor Swift Were Homeless.”   Of all the signs created for last year’s annual Gustavus Sleepout, this was arguably the most photographed and discussed by passers-by.  You decide why it was more provocative than […]

Letters to the Editor (10/18/2013)

Response to Ryan Liebl’s Letter to the Editor:   Ryan Liebl states that Assad’s regime has not directly harmed the United States, but that the issue of direct harm is irrelevant. On the contrary, the fact that Assad’s regime has […]

Letter to the Editor (10/11/2013)

We, the Gustavus Philosophers’ Guild, in response to the recent publicity and advocacy for the Gustavus Tobacco Free Initiative, put forth a statement humbly asking those who support the initiative to reconsider. Before any arguments are given against making GAC […]

Letter to the Editor (10/4/2013)

In Response to “Obama on Syria” Cory Witt correctly says that Assad’s regime has not directly harmed the US, but that’s hardly relevant. The regime has killed thousands of innocents and used weapons prohibited by the United Nations. The UN […]

Letters to the Editor (9/20/2013)

I am writing this letter in response to a statement that was made last week in an opinion article. It is disturbing that such a distasteful comment could be made about a work of one of America’s greatest children authors […]

Letter to the Editor (9/13/2013)

I am not trying to criticize anyone in the Gustavus community because we are all here to learn, and there are different understandings of what being an educated and well-rounded person means to different people. However, I think the Gustavus […]

Letter to the Editor (4/10/13)

I was surprised to read Ryan Liebl’s assertion that Western nations have devel- oped criminal justice systems through scientific reasoning, especially after the Building Bridges conference which dealt with this topic. The U.S. prison system, which overcrowds inmates, encourages rape, […]

Editorial (5-03-13)

There comes a time, as a newspaper, to decide whether it is our moral imperative to report what is the truth or what we want the truth to be. This week the The Gustavian Weekly was put in the moral […]