Letter to the Editor (5/04/2018)

On the evening of May 1, the Day Course sponsored an event titled ‘Painting Palooza.’ 

The week prior, the event was advertised to the campus community through posters promising stress relief, free food, and ‘tons of paint.’ 

Along with flowers, the month of May brings final exams and papers, causing students across campus to be on edge. 

About twenty students, along with myself thought an evening of painting would be the perfect way to take a break from the stress of school, just as the poster had promised. 

As I entered the room, confusion struck me. 

There were no painting supplies in sight, just previously painted canvases set on tables with bunched up table clothes for decoration. 

We were instructed to sit in the back of the room, where we waited excited to paint-but apprehensive. 

Something just wasn’t right. 

After a few minutes of awkward, quiet waiting a girl stepped forward and with a chuckle announced that the Day Course lied. 

They were not in fact going to grant us with painting supplies, but invited us to view their ‘art exhibit’ of three tragically depressing quotes finger painted onto canvases. 

‘Promises and pie crust are made to be broken,’ I disagree when a person’s state of mind is on the line. 

Disappointment covered everyone’s face. 

The expectation of a good time in the midst of anxiety was ripped away from all of us; we were left with nothing but resentment. 

All I want is an explanation. 

The Day Course left us with nothing.

It would have been nice to know the motivation behind wasting the time of their peers. 

When the announcement was made that they lied to us, that was their chance to get the point across. 

What was the point made? That promises were meant to be broken? 

Well, if that is the case then the Day Course needs to reconsider their morals. 

– Ingrid Iverson, Sophomore