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Letter to the Editor (5/18/2018) | The Gustavian Weekly

By The Weekly Staff | May 18, 2018 | Letters to the Editor

Dear Gustavus Community,

It has been in honor to serve as the Editor-in-Chief of this long standing publication for the past three years.

At the end of my firstyear as photography editor, I was given a unique opportunity as an underclassman to apply for the Editorin-Chief position as almost all of the editorial board graduated that year.

As my time at the paper and Gustavus comes to an end, I fondly look back at all of the memories I have made, both in and out of the office.

From controversial articles to puff pieces, stolen newspapers to too many left over, my time as an editor on the Weekly will stick with me forever and continue to influence my life through the skills I’ve learned.

I look forward to officially handing my position to our new Editor-in-Chief, Cole Trebelhorn, as I know he will do great things to improve this publication.


Caroline Probst Editor-in-Chief

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