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Letter to the Editor (2/20/15) | The Gustavian Weekly

By The Weekly Staff | February 20, 2015 | Letters to the Editor

“Make your life count” is the motto I have heard over the radio since the start of this school year. As far as mottos go, it makes good sense to me. I am a bit concerned that some of the student body either haven’t heard the motto or just haven’t thought about it yet.

I am a police officer, and have been for the past 24 years. I have seen a lot of classes come and go, and without too much difficulty. I’m very concerned about this year’s class.

I’ve been to several large house parties where the guests have gotten totally out of control. The neighbors have then seen fit to invite the police to the gathering. The residents usually greet us by saying, “We’ve been trying to clear them out as it just got out of control on us.”

One weekend I observed several large groups of college aged citizens walking either towards the bar district or away from it towards campus, talking and yelling in very loud voices. These young people seem surprised when an officer stops and asks them to quiet down as people are trying to sleep.

I had a chance to catch two males relieving themselves on a very well lit and very public building, within fifteen feet of a group of fellow Gusties, waiting to cross the road to the GusBus. One male ran off and the other accepted his ticket with a personal responsibility that actually surprised me.

Now I’m not against having a good time, but I believe having fun can be tempered with some self control and self policing. There used to be a time in St. Peter when Gusties policed themselves. Fellow students looked after each other and kept the roar down to an acceptable level.

I believe the current abuse of alcohol by this generation is out of control. One young male probably would have died one weekend this fall had it not been for a fellow student calling for help. I would like to list a few items that will help you not be arrested by the police during your time in St. Peter.

•If you’re under the age of 21, don’t drink alcohol.

•If you do make contact with the police, be polite.

•Be quiet when you move through the neighborhoods on your way home.

•Don’t have large gatherings with intoxicated people at your home.

•If you choose to drink underage, accept the consequences of your choice.

I would prefer not to meet as many of you as I have so far under the circumstances that we have become acquainted. I believe the vast majority of students want to live the total college life experience, but I also want you to “make your life count.”

—David Arpin, St. Peter