GAC attack at ACDA

This Thursday and Friday the Gustavus Choir had the honor of performing at the American Choral Director’s association otherwise known as the ACDA. Our ACDA division spans North and South Dekotas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota. The choirs in attendance, through an audition process and later a solo concert, are deemed the best of the best in the upper-Midwest. This honor was earned through a … Continue reading GAC attack at ACDA

Congratulation Notices

If you are the parent of a graduating senior, the Gustavian Weekly would like to offer you the chance to congratulate your child in a very special way. The final issue of The GusTavian Weekly will publish Congratulation Notices for graduating seniors. The GusTavian Weekly prints 1,600 copies each Friday, making it a fantastic way to recognize your graduate publicly. These notices may include one … Continue reading Congratulation Notices

The Gustavian Weekly’s favorite Gustavus memes

As many students on the Gustavus campus browsed Facebook last week, they may have run across the now infamous Gustavus Adolphus College Meme page.  The purpose of the page is to create and upload well known internet memes with jokes that apply to common occurrences on campus.  The following images are the Gustavian Weekly’s top picks of these memes.  Be sure to read the Features section this week for … Continue reading The Gustavian Weekly’s favorite Gustavus memes

Distribution Manager Wanted

The Gustavian Weekly is currently in search for a new Distribution Manager.  This person would be responsible for retrieving the bulk of printed news papers every Thursday afternoon in Northfield, MN (with full reimbursement of money spent on gas), and distributing them throughout campus.  This is a payed position. If you, or someone you know, wants to join our team in this position, please contact Tory Clark or … Continue reading Distribution Manager Wanted

New staff for spring semester

With the arrival of new years, semesters, and classes, also comes the arrival of new Weekly Staff members!  The following people are the newest additions to the weekly team: Assistant News Editor  Lareesa Sandretsky Assistant Photography Editor  Mara LeBlanc Advertisement Manager  Kyle Thelemann Advisor  Glen Kranking For a full staff list, visit the Staff Directory. Continue reading New staff for spring semester