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By Victoria Clark Editor-In-Chief | April 25, 2012 | Announcements

If you are the parent of a graduating senior, the Gustavian Weekly would like to offer you the chance to congratulate your child in a very special way. The final issue of The GusTavian Weekly will publish Congratulation Notices for graduating seniors. The GusTavian Weekly prints 1,600 copies each Friday, making it a fantastic way to recognize your graduate publicly. These notices may include one picture of the student, as well as a 30 word personalized statement of your choosing.

What We Need:

  • One photograph of reasonable quality
  • A legible personalized message to your child of no more than 30 words
  • A check to The Gustavian Weekly for $40.00 sent to:


The Gustavian Weekly P.O. Box A-6 800 W. College Ave. St. Peter, MN 56082

(Note: if you wish to send a digital copy of your announcement, email it to  We will still need a check delivered to us check the mail if you choose this option however.)

The staff of The GusTavian Weekly needs to receive all of the necessary information no later than Friday, May 4, 2012. Production will not begin until we receive a check. Please be sure to return the following PDF with your check. Please take care when handwriting your information in order to both ensure that we may reach you if necessary and to avoid mistakes in your published message. We will contact you by email or phone if we have questions, concerns, or need clarification. We will send your student a copy of the newspaper that contains their Congratulation Notice through their Gustavus P.O. Box.

Help to make graduation an extra special event for your son or daughter by ordering a Congratulation Notice today!

Congratulation Notice Template:

Congrats Notice Template