Senior Staff Send-off!

Geena Zebrasky – Features Writer Corinne Stremmel Editor-in-Chief Favorite Weekly memory: “The April Fools Edition and Liam and Ben asking every week if they can put expletives in the word search.” Marie Osuna Lead Copy Editor Favorite Weekly memory: “All the pizza I’ve eaten in the office (pre-COVID of course).” Tyra Ericson Variety Editor & Distribution Manager Favorite Weekly memory: “I joined this year so everything … Continue reading Senior Staff Send-off!

What’s Blooming Around Campus?

Geena Zebrasky – Features Writer Springtime brings color and life back to campus, just in time for finals. Right when we need a pick me up, we can walk around campus and see the different colors, smells and sights that plants are producing. With all the new growth, you might be wondering just what those little blue flowers might be, or what that fragrant tree … Continue reading What’s Blooming Around Campus?

Earth Day

Geena Zebrasky – Features Writer This past Thursday, April 22nd, was international Earth Day. For years, Gustavus and the greater community have observed this holiday, with each year’s focus addressing the challenges that we’re currently facing. The United States’ first Earth Day grew out of the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969, when more than 3 million gallons of oil were spilled off the coast … Continue reading Earth Day


Geena Zebrasky – Features Writer When you walk outside on a rainy day, you’re often greeted by the smell of worms in the humid air. As you walk, you’re watching your feet, playing worm-watch so that you won’t accidentally be the determining factor in one of these pink invertebrates’ futures. The reason that we have to play hopscotch everytime it rains is actually a little unclear. … Continue reading Worms!

What’s the Deal with wikiHow?

Geena Zebrasky – Features Writer What does tying your shoes, playing tennis, cooking spaghetti, and painting a sunset have in common? They all have a how-to tutorial page on wikihow. Have you ever found yourself wondering where wikiHow came from? Who makes the art? How are they all-knowing? Well, this week’s Features article will give you the wikiHow run-down and will maybe even use some of the … Continue reading What’s the Deal with wikiHow?

Ship Happens: The boat. The economy. The worms.

Geena Zebrasky – Features Writer 220,000 tons is a lot. To give you some perspective, that’s 1,466 blue whales worth of a ship. Or, almost three million 150-pound humans. However, unlike a whale or human could, the Ever Given ship couldn’t manage to swim through the Suez Canal without getting stuck. When the Ever Given got stuck, society got stuck too. We began grappling with the … Continue reading Ship Happens: The boat. The economy. The worms.

What Even is a Gustie?

Corinne Stremmel – Editor-in-Chief One might ask themselves from time to time, “what even is a Gustie?” Well, we don’t know either. It’s been made pretty evident by the other Minnesota private liberal arts schools what a Tommie is, an insignificant worm, an Ole, the Norwegian adaptation of a Potato Olé, a Johnnie, probably something inappropriate, a Cobber, sounds like an STI—I know there are more, but … Continue reading What Even is a Gustie?