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Gustavus students embark on Icelandic adventure

One of the courses offered to students this past January term was “GEG-152/SCA-152: Glaciers, Volcanos, Sagas and Songs: Interweaving Culture and Landscape in Iceland”, where students traveled to Iceland and learned about both the physical and humanities aspects of the […]

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Money-Saving Tips for the College Student

Many of us are familiar with the trope of the broke college student: the fear of checking your bank account, eating ramen for weeks on end and wondering how you’re going to survive until your next source of income shows […]

Into the Woods

This past weekend, a thrilling musical theatre production took Gustavus by storm. Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods,” in which many well-known fairy tales converge to form one story, was directed by Henry MacCarthy and performed in Anderson Theatre between October […]

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