Meet The Editors

News Editor: Carter Brown (she/her/hers)
Carter is a Sophomore majoring in Political Science. Carter has recently switched from the writing team to the editing team as the news editor. She says that being a section editor is more complicated than she originally thought, but has been a lot of fun.

Opinions Editor: Kyra Stepan (she/her/hers)
Kyra is a Junior majoring in English and minoring in Geology. She is a transfer student from Drake University and is still new to campus.

Sports Editor: Jack Weissenberger (he/him/his)
Jack is a Senior double Majoring in Biology and Psychology. He is a part of the Track and Field team on campus. Jack spoke about how important sports are on campus as such a high percentage of students participate in sports and how sports are such a big part of life on campus.

Entertainment Editor: Grace Kearney (they/she)
Grace is a First-year majoring in Math Education. She enjoys making the entertainment section each week and welcomes everyone to send in their favorite jokes or comics. The cheesier the better.

Variety Editor: Maya Kallas (she/her/hers)
Maya is a Junior double majoring in Psychology and Communications. She’s also involved on campus as a co-president for the Psychology Club and Ignite.

Features Editor: Jamie Woerpel (they/them/he/him)
Hi, I’m the Features Editor. I’m a Senior double majoring in English and Scandinavian Studies. I live in Swedish house on campus and am involved in the Viking Society.

Editor-in-Chief: Emily VanGorder (she/her/hers)
Emily is a senior Biology and English double major. She loves insane amounts of coffee and her home state of Colorado, as well as her two year old goldendoodle, Sage.

Copy Editor: Emma Pufahl (she/her/hers)
Emma is a senior Environmental Studies and Ancient Greek double major. One of her pupils is bigger than the other.

Copy Editor: Clare Greeman (she/her/hers)
Claire is a junior English and GWSS double major. This is her first year at the Weekly, where she is having fun as the former in-house toy expert.

Editor-in- Chief: Cadence Paramore (she/they)
Cadence is a Junior majoring in English and minoring in Political Science and Studio Art. They are working on publishing their own poetry book and her favorite color is green.

Photography Editor: Britta Blanding(she/her/hers)
Britta is a Junior majoring in Communications. Britta’s quote for herself is, “I am a transfer student from a community college in MN and I really like black beans”.

Lead Copy Editor: Emily Seppelt (she/her/hers)
Emily is a Senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in religion. She is very social and loves squishmallows.