A Peek into Life at Ghoulstavus Monsters University


“. . . The purpose of a Ghoulstavus education is to help its students attain their full potential as monsters, to develop in them a capacity and passion for lifelong learning, and to prepare them for fulfilling lives of leadership and service in society.” – The Ghoulstavus Mission Statement

“Ghoulstavus equips students to lead purposeful lives and to act on the great challenges of our time through an innovative liberal arts education of recognized excellence.” – The Ghoulstavus Acts Vision Statement

The Students
The students here at Ghoulstavus are broken up into several areas of study: The Performing Arts Vampires; The Language Studies Cryptids; The STEM Studies Undead Zombies and of course the Health Exercise Science and Athletics Werewolves. Each group has their own set of quirks. The Vampires of the Arts are a friendly and rambunctious group but they startle easily and due to their nocturnal nature strongly oppose the idea of sunlight, especially any time in the A.M. The Vamps also always travel in their coven groups. They are divided into several large covens which are separated into sections. For example the Ghoulstavus Bands make up one coven, but you will often see them travel in their smaller sections of Trumpets, Tubas, Flutes, Horns, Saxophones, etc. The Language Studies Cryptids have a lot in common with the Vampires of the Arts but are much more solitary monsters. On campus you can see signs of them, like their published works and stories of the department run all throughout campus, but they are rarely ever spotted and some monsters on campus are convinced they aren’t actually real. The STEM Undead Zombies can be seen meandering around campus as they continually switch from one class or study session to another. If you pay attention you may even spot a runner sprint to a late class or a sleeper seemingly dead on the nearest couch, chair, or even the floor. And of course you can’t talk about campus without talking about the werewolves. Despite their aggressive appearance most are quite friendly. Much like the Vamps they also travel in groups, or in their case packs, such as football, soccer, volleyball, basketball or tennis. The students really make Ghoulstavus what it is, but we wouldn’t be anything without our lovely Ghoul professors. Much like the ghosts of Harry Potter it’s suspected that our Ghoul professors never truly leave campus but instead simply step behind the veil to the otherside when they’re not in class.

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