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Letter to the Editor (10/18/19) | The Gustavian Weekly

By Deanna Giles | October 18, 2019 | Letters to the Editor

Minnesota’s minority population is rapidly growing. Since 2010, the black community has jumped 31 percent, the Hispanic population 20 percent and the Asian population 30 percent. The Gustavus student body will continue to diversify along with Minnesota. Now more than ever. minority professors and staff are a necessity in our diverse world. They are important not just in the places that encourage diversity, but also in places that promote psychology research, writing, and most importantly administration offices. You have professors and co-workers that look like you, shouldn’t that be the same for everyone?

I am not here to bash the administration due to low minority representation. I wish to clearly state that having minority representation benefits students of every background. Stereotypes are minimized along with microaggressions seen and felt on campus. Students of color are constantly singled out in the classroom because it is assumed they fit the scenario of violence by professors. One person of color is not responsible for speaking on behalf of the entire brown community. Lastly, all students acquire cultural awareness, not through textbooks, via face to face contact. Every career will have intercultural interaction, the path towards our students’ successful future starts here.

I am not here to bash the wonderful professors Gustavus has welcomed into the community. I want to shed light on the problems faced by students of color because there isn’t enough representation. I understand a smaller proportion of students of color are showing less interest in teaching and leaving the profession sooner. Or, professors of color wish to not continue teaching in the state of Minnesota.

Certainly, it will take time to have professors who resemble the diverse student body but efforts need to be made. Efforts should not just done by minorities, but the entire Gustavus community. I want to ensure future generations get the opportunity to be taught by someone who parallels them. My purpose is to spark a conversation amongst the Gustavus community that will involve all voices. Have students sit in on meetings surrounding recruitment process. This has become a community problem.

Just because I missed out, doesn’t mean future students have to as well.

I am an African-American junior attending Gustavus Adolphus College, a predomi- nantly white institution.

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