Give Back at GAC

‘Tis the giving season and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is an excellent time to think about giving back to the community. Gustavus’ Center for Community-Based Serving and Learning (CBSL) provides students with opportunities to get involved in St. Peter and the surrounding area.

Service is one of Gustavus’ five core values, embracing the idea that genuine leadership expresses itself in service. This idea of servant leadership adds to the idea of a “truly liberating education.”

The CBSL gives students the opportunity to practice service and explore different volunteer causes. Each year, the CBSL works with up to 1,200 participants a year.

The CBSL is led by Dave Newell and Jeffrey Rathlef.
Dave Newell, Director for Community-Based Service advises all community-service projects, supervises the Spring Break work trips and works heavily with the students on campus.

Jeffrey Rathlef, Director for Community-Based Service and Learning, also oversees service projects and community engagement, but works primarily with the faculty.

Together, the two facilitate the development of meaningful servant leadership and community engagement.

The CBSL is home to 10 different incredible and unique programs that range from helping out at the pound to mentoring youth.

With the giving season upon us, students are encouraged to give thanks with a grateful heart and give back to the community.