Students Stand in Solidarity with Mizzou

In light of the recent high-profile racial incidences surrounding the University of Missouri- Mizzou, Gustavus students came together on campus to march from Charles Jackson Campus to Old Main and back in support of Mizzou’s students.

The march, organized by Seniors, Jalen Gray and Jace Riggin, took place last Thursday, Nov. 12 as a representation of support.

Students held cardboard signs with slogans such as “I Stand in Solidarity with Mizzou” and“No violence, no hate.” Gustavus is now officially a part of one of the hundreds of schools who have already supported the cause by standing in solidarity.

After the march, students met in the Diversity Center to debrief about the issues.
After the march, students met in the Diversity Center to debrief about the issues.

The Mizzou football team even stood together and refused  to play in the football game if action wasn’t taken regarding the complex timeline of racially biased events that occurred on campus.

Tim Wolfe, Mizzou’s President, will be stepping down at the end of the school year as his efforts to stop growing racial tension among the student body and campus were inadequate.

Along with Wolfe, University of Missouri’s Mizzou
“I feel empowered seeing students, who are not going to keep quiet or give up”, Junior and Sociology and Anthropolgy major, Esther Mwangi said.

The events that took place at Mizzou over the past week have affected, the Mizzou’s students, community and the Missouri as whole, but also people all over the country. #PrayforMizzou was a top trend on twitter.

“Racism is everywhere, but here at Gustavus it’s not as in your face,” said senior Theatre major, Jalen Gray. “If you’re not helping to form a solution, you’re part of the problem.”

“Education is liberation,” said senior Political Science and Communications major Jace Riggin. “In order to be an advocate, it requires an act of selflessness. You have to destroy the system of oppression.”

After the march, students and faculty gathered in the Diversity center to discuss the events of Mizzou and what it means for Gustavus.