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Letter to the Editor

By The Weekly Staff | March 1, 2013 | Letters to the Editor

“Sex-soliciting posters”?

Really? Humans are sexual beings by nature and are going to be intimate whether it’s encouraged or not (as evidenced by the 2011 study, “Sex and Secularism,” by Darrel Ray).

I’ve never truly understood the whole “wait until after marriage” argument.  How does a fellow primate, dressed in elaborate clothing, who says a few magic words all of a sudden make sex an acceptable thing?

Does all the supposed “emotional baggage” just disappear with the right superstitious incantation?  Sex is in our nature, but we’ve repeatedly tried to chain it up and control it through societal constructs like marriage, formality, and taboo.

Enough is enough.

You say, “How beautiful would it be on your wedding night to know that each of you was completely there to give each other.”  Does the act of sex mitigate your ability to show true love and devotion?

If I have sex, is my love reservoir all of a sudden not as full as that of a virgin?  By no means.  To assert such a thing is to declare those who are sexually active before marriage as less complete than those who are not.

What is this religious obsession with virginity (especially of the female sort)?  Liberal religious traditions have certainly reduced the shame expressed towards those who have sex out of wedlock, but their traditions still stem from the same bronze-age mythologies that motivate misogyny all over the world.

How does the act of sex take away purity?  If sex is “sacred and beautiful” as you say, why does it take away this illusory and lauded concept of virginity that has so long fettered our collective conscience?

It’s high time we embrace our sexual natures and cease to look down upon those who choose to be sexually active before marriage.

Ryan Liebl ’16,

English and Philosophy