The Gustavian Weekly


The Rug is Full

The only way to solve the problems of our time is by banding together.

I was born and raised Lutheran. I ate Jell-O salad, went to Sunday school every weekend, and learned all of the usual songs a kid is taught to sing about Jesus. Recently, for various reasons, I’ve been wandering in my […]

A Blessing in Disguise

Do you see pieces of a broken mug, or pieces of new opportunities?

Last weekend I purchased one of my favorite collectable items, a locally handcrafted ceramic mug. I couldn’t wait to go home and use it. Then the unimaginable happened: I dropped it. Just as my mug shattered, so did my attitude. […]

The Overreach of the Executive

Our cathedral of democracy rests on the foundation of the separation of powers.

When the founding fathers of this nation sat in the constitutional convention, they attempted to create a constitution that would produce a government that would not only represent the will of the people, but also be able to prevent one […]

An Issue that Needs To Be Mentioned

There is always a way to perservere.

Death is always a morbid topic. However, in order for people to understand more about why people die and what can be done to prevent it, there has to be a knowledge of and understanding of facts many people would […]

Forget About Ferguson

The goal should be to cure the disease of racism, not just treat a symptom.

Just before Thanksgiving break a Grand Jury in Ferguson, MO decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, who allegedly shot and killed Michael Brown. Debate and discussion surrounding the case, race, and oppression in America was reignited once again. The […]

Mexico in Uproar

Even with the turmoil at home, we need to remember our brothers and sisters of Mexico.

Mexico City is in turmoil. Rioters are flooding the streets and the government pushes back, sometimes using lethal force to subdue the people. The population grows more dissident with every day that passes, and they have quite the list of […]

Beauty, Body, and Contemporary Lies

No matter what is on the outside, true beauty comes from within.

This week Kim Kardashian bore all for Paper magazine in a photo shoot with the goal to “break the internet.” Kim is most known for her rear end, as well as having celebrity status largely attained from her family’s fortune. […]

Fighting through Finals

Finals are coming.

Similar to that over-used Game of Thrones meme, finals are coming. It’s that magical     time of the semester when no one gets a break, and all that studying and homework just seems to pile up like an academic […]


The top of Olympus is a lot lonlier than it looks.

We tend to make things into idols. An example that comes to mind is the Egyptian Empire. Their gods were manifested into enormous stone carvings, draped in gold and jewels, and placed atop enormous marble pedestals. From this location they […]

Get out and get involved

Join Student Senate, but beware the Ides of March.

In the United States, we have a clear problem with how uninvolved our nation’s youth is in politics and civic activities.  At Gustavus we may have a higher rate of civic engagement than other areas of the United States, but […]