The Gustavian Weekly


College should feel like an adventure

While it’s only been a month since I have attended Gustavus Adolphus College, it feels like I have been here for an eternity.Literally. I’m not even joking. That is exactly what it seems considering all the overwhelming information that has […]

‘Make your life count’ shouldn’t be a cliché

Far too often adults question me about my passions, and current intentions of pursuing them in college. We’ve all been there. As a college student I feel pressured to not only know how I dream of spending the rest of […]

The last election you’ll ever vote in

Fifteen minutes ago, I applied for my absentee ballet. The process was simple, short, and only required the state government’s website and some basic information. In November, I cast my vote not only for the next president but also for […]

Gustavus needs to stand up for social justice

I argue that we as a College that advocates for community, justice, service, and faith, a college that holds programs like I Am, We Are (IAWA) that advocate for social justice, and a college that became the first fair trade […]

Video games aren’t all bad

Video games, specifically console games, have been a large part of modern culture since the introduction of the Atari in 1977. For almost forty years, video games have been ingrained into daily life, and have advanced so far as to […]

The ups and downs of Pokemon Go

What does it take to be the very best, like no one ever was? For some that means excelling in their classes, rising to the top on graduation day. For others it means being exceptional in athletics, leading their team […]

Act of violence hits too close to home

O n Saturday, Sept. 17 a man dressed as a security officer injured several people at the local mall in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. The stabbings happened in several places throughout the mall, including in stores and in common areas. The […]

Welcome to the age of conspiracy

I  want  to  talk  about  conspiracy  theories.  In  its  simplest  form,  a  conspiracy  theory  is  an idea  put  forward  by  a  person  who  notices  rationally  irrational  behavior  and  tries  to  figure  out   what  the  hell  is  going. Hold  on,  […]

Adding to the conversation on student debt

Ask any college student in the United States how they are paying for school, and student loans are likely to come up as a source of funding. The average debt of graduating seniors from four-year colleges was $37,172 in 2016, […]

Foster care living must stay temporary

Everyday there are countless children who end up on the streets of America. Many are considered runaways, while others simply suffer from very unfortunate circumstances. Half of these children are by themselves, and the others with parents or a guardian […]