The Gustavian Weekly


True Love

You don’t have to look very far to find true love here at Gustavus.

With Valentine’s Day last weekend, love is in the air, or at least in everyone’s hearts. I have a slight problem with Valentine’s Day though. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Valentine’s Day, we lose sight of what’s really important. […]

Don’t Repeat Your Mistakes!

It’s often a joke among college students to argue over who has a practical major or not and how many job options they’ll have once they graduate. Bio-chem and physics majors always seem to know there’ll be job positions for […]

Don’t Let Others Put Limits on You

Sometimes as I go through college, I feel as though everything around me is trying to limit me. I have to make choices that constantly seem to be limiting my range of interests. People are constantly being asked to specify […]

Beneath the Crown

The purpose of Beneath the Crown is to foster a more interconnected and understanding community at Gustavus through the use of conversation and photography.

There are a lot of really awesome projects that students are involved with here on campus. It’s pretty amazing what the students at this school are capable of doing while being full time students and sometimes even working a part-time […]

Is The TPP (Trans-Pacific-Partnership) For Free-Trade or TP?

Well, the answer may vary depending on who you ask. For the large majority of Americans who don’t own large pharmaceutical companies or international corporations, the answer will lead many of them to the bathroom. Joking aside, the serious implications […]

Let’s Talk About Your ‘Love Life’

With close friends or close groups, I’m usually the one who will ask a question about ‘love lives.’ Those who are committed in some sort of relationship, however they define it, will respond with sharing about their partner(s) and/or how […]

A Grey Day To Be a Gustie


What do George Washington, John Wayne, Harry Houdini, F.D.R, and “Sugar Ray” Robinson all have in common? In addition to  being permanently sewn into the fabric of America’s history, each of these men were part of the Freemasons. The Freemasons […]

The End of Rape Culture

Sexual violence has become a front and center issue in the eye of the public ever since the NFL took a stance on the conflicts surrounding Ray Rice, and other infamous football players for their inexcusable misconduct. In response to […]

If You Can’t Take The Heat, Fix It!

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” -Navajo Proverb

During this past J-term, we’ve all been experiencing weather that, while unusual for January in Minnesota, could be described as “pleasant,” “warm,” and “oh my god it’s so nice out.” I’ve seen many a Gustie walking around with only sweaters […]

Economic Change or Environmental Sustainability? How About Both?

Mark Siatta

Recent drivers have been jovial to see a drop in gas prices when pulling into the gas station. During the same time Americans have also seen the strength of our dollar rise. This is important for it simultaneously increases both […]