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The power of protest

As students at Gustavus, we are not unfamiliar to protests and their use for changes in various capacities. After the election of our current president, there were protests that, very keenly, looked forward to what our future as a nation […]

The hype around pumpkin spice

Welcome to the season of pumpkin flavored everything. Of course, this welcome is a bit late as we are well into the excitement, with more and more pumpkin related things continuing to pop up. Pumpkin candles, cakes, candy, pie, decorations, […]

No tricks, just a lot of treats

Some organizations host trick-or-treating for local children.

It’s that time of year yet again. Leaves are changing colors, classes are in full swing, there are tons of spooky decorations all over campus, and a lot of people are preparing themselves for any and all Halloween celebrations. The […]

We need gun control now

If you attended the rave on Saturday night, you may know that someone made a fake threat of violence at the event. Even though the threat was false, the fear that it created was real. This is just one piece […]

Advice for the floundering first-year

Dear first-years, I hope your first month of college went well and that your transition here has been smooth. I know this has been a big life-changing experience for you, but you are absolutely killing it so far. Keep working […]

Falling for fall weather

The library houses light boxes to fight S.A.D in the winter.

As it gets darker earlier and the flip-flops go to the back of the closet for hibernation, it isn’t uncommon to feel more down than usual. In fact, this is a legitimate problem that affects many college students. This phenomenon, […]

It’s time to start believing survivors

Notice: This article discusses themes such as sexual assault and harassment.  It has been a tense few weeks. If the Kavanagh confirmation hearings weren’t stressful enough for everyone, our campus was struck with fights and stress due to the College […]

Not-so-social social media

Social media and technology have limited our ability to communicate with each other.

Technology and social media are great ways to connect with people, share stories, moments, and memories. While it may help connect us with those far away much easier and faster, technology has transformed the way we communicate with each other […]

Vari Veggie is very misleading

Every student at Gustavus knows that our cafeteria is far superior to those of other colleges. But, naturally, we still find flaws in the options given to us. Seeing as this is the food we eat on a daily basis–for […]

Greek life: more than a stereotype

Greek life new member education night brought several to Alumni Hall.

When the words “fraternity” and “sorority” are brought up, it is common to automatically picture a bunch of guys wearing boat shoes with perfectly parted hair, or a pack of sorority girls squatting the day away. This stereotype has been […]