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Wealth or Experience?

College students face the difficult decision choosing between a potentially unpaid internship or a menial summer job.

As the semester comes to a close, many students have spent a lot of time searching for employment opportunities for the coming summer months. A common question asked during the search  is whether or not to pursue an unpaid internship […]

Kasich Dangerous to Women

Governor John Kasich of Ohio is staunchly pro-life. His record on women’s reproductive health is a red-flag for women voters.

Donald Trump shocked America again, asserting that women who obtain an abortion, if the procedure were outlawed, should be subjected to “some sort of punishment.” The backlash was swift. Punishment for women who procure abortions is out of step with […]

Violence and The Walking Dead

In its sixth season on the air, The Walking Dead is examining its own violence. Centered around the zombie apocalypse, the show has succeeded thus far mostly because of its artistry with little reflection on its chaotic pace. Yet perhaps […]

A Changing Drug Market

There is a growing online market for illegal drugs. The anonymity of the internet and encryption programs is a draw for buyers of the illicit products.

It has become much easier to buy drugs online. Before, to buy any kind of drug you needed to know a guy who knew a guy. Now, buying drugs can be as simple as five steps. First, people who buy […]

Underage Voting

Bernie Sanders has attracted much of the yourh vote with campaign rhetoric targeting income inequality and proposals of free college tuition.

In 1971, the United States Senate voted in favor of the proposed amendment to lower voting age to 18. In just over two months, which happened to be the shortest period of time for any amendment in U.S. history, the […]

When to Think, When to Act

You sit at a library desk, surrounded by books and ready to undergo the first steps of writing what is sure to be a long and grueling paper. However, outside the window it is a beautiful day and you can […]

Kanye, Trump, and Free Speech

Kanye West questionablely exercised his First Amendment rights at the 2009 Video Music Awards, interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the “Best Female Video” award.

I haven’t had a chance to refute Cameron’s last attempts to take shots at Kanye in The Gustavian Weekly Entertainment portion, but today I will take a bit of a more serious note. A large amount of the conversations that I […]

A Broken Foster System

Many children entering the foster care system never leave. Though it is supposed to be a temporary living situation, too many children remain under the government’s care.

Everyday, there are countless children who end up on the streets of America. Many are considered runaways, while others simply suffer from very unfortunate circumstances. Half of these children are by themselves, and the others with parents or a guardian […]

How To Love What Climate Can’t Change

Time is running out for combatting climate change. The impact of the climate crisis on our planet is already underway.

Four years ago, when I came to Gustavus Adolphus College to pursue an undergraduate degree, I would not have been able to tell you what a caucus was for the life of me. Coming from a small town in South […]

What Justice System?

Community and Black Lives Matter activists gather outside the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th precinct in Minneapolis, protesting the officer-involved shooting of Jamar Clark on November 15, 2015.

The world is full of imperfect people; humankind is a flawed species. We have lapses in judgement, irrational biases, and flawed logic used to make decisions. It is therefore inevitable that societies run by human beings will make mistakes, and […]