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Student (Over)Involvement

From the beginning of their first day on campus, college first-years hear the mantra “get involved in student organizations.” They hear it from their greeters, professors, and even their friends who start getting into organizations to occupy their time. Yet […]

Education or Exploitation?

Facing mounting debt, college students are questioning a system that commodifies education at the expense of the financial security of millions.

Didn’t get the room assignment you wanted? Still on campus as a senior? Thank capitalism, not Charlie Potts. The price of higher education has skyrocketed and enrollment is down. The college degree we are chasing in our four years at […]

Regarding the Weekly’s access to Hunter Hayes

The Gustavian Weekly aims to cover major events on campus. This spring, one of the biggest campus events is the upcoming Big Concert, featuring chart-topping artist Hunter Hayes. However, The Weekly will have absolutely no access to Hayes. As of […]

Legalize Sex Work

The fight over the legalization of prostitution has been going on for years. The federal government believes that legalizing prostitution is not only immoral, it “contributes to the modern-day slave trade, and creates a higher demand for human trafficking victims.” […]

Kobe and Me

Kobe Bryant, basketball legend and controversial figure, recently retired from the NBA. He played his last game on April 13th with the Los Angeles Lakers, his team of 20 years.

Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players ever, played his last game April 13th. His last game was quite “Kobe.” He took too many shots, but he made a lot of them. 60 points on 50 shots, one of […]

Are You Experienced?

Recent studies have shown psychological benefits for people who have used psychedelics. These new findings could open the doors for integration of psychedelics into modern medicine, as well as legalized recreational use.

A psychedelic drug is any drug that causes hallucinations or perceptual anomalies by flooding serotonin receptors in the brain. Fossils dating back 10,000 years show that early humans have used psychoactive drugs during religious rituals. Some Native Americans would also use […]

Growing Pains

In response to student outrage over Gustavus’ handling of sexual assault, President Bergman convened a panel of administrators for a sexual assault forum with students.

It started when we were children. Our parents walked us to the bus stop, supervised our playtime, and met with our teachers to make sure they weren’t being too hard on us. Conflict between kids was mediated by adults, and […]

Border Patrol: Undefined and Unaccountable

A border patrol car sits near the U.S.-Mexican border near El Paso. There is a recent push for more oversight of U.S. border patrol activities.

Forget your personal feelings about immigration policy for the rest of this article. Ignore your initial feelings when you hear the phrase “border patrol” and start to think of border patrol agents as any other human being, capable of both […]

Bigger Than A Wage Fight

The U.S. Women’s National Team celebrates their 2015 World Cup win, beating Japan 5-2.

Can you replay the United States Women’s National Team’s crushing victory over Japan in the 2015 Women’s World Cup final in your head? You may be in the minority if this game is escaping your memory. The event and the […]

Wealth or Experience?

College students face the difficult decision choosing between a potentially unpaid internship or a menial summer job.

As the semester comes to a close, many students have spent a lot of time searching for employment opportunities for the coming summer months. A common question asked during the search  is whether or not to pursue an unpaid internship […]