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Welcome to the age of conspiracy

Hilary Clinton is rumored to be involved in large conspiracy theories.

I  want  to  talk  about  conspiracy  theories.  In  its  simplest  form,  a  conspiracy  theory  is  an idea  put  forward  by  a  person  who  notices  rationally  irrational  behavior  and  tries  to  figure  out   what  the  hell  is  going. Hold  on,  […]

Adding to the conversation on student debt

Bills and loans pile up after graduation.

Ask any college student in the United States how they are paying for school, and student loans are likely to come up as a source of funding. The average debt of graduating seniors from four-year colleges was $37,172 in 2016, […]

Foster care living must stay temporary

Foster care has good intentions but is failing to follow through.

Everyday there are countless children who end up on the streets of America. Many are considered runaways, while others simply suffer from very unfortunate circumstances. Half of these children are by themselves, and the others with parents or a guardian […]

Re-evaluating what it means to be Hmong

Traditional Hmong dress and culture.

It’s hard being Hmong. Honestly, I used to hate it and sometimes I still do. I didn’t understand why I was born as a Hmong female and why I had to follow certain traditions. I thought I was living in […]

Move-in weekend doesn’t have to be difficult

The traditional Gustavus Adolphus College sign, with Old Main in the background.

Car upon car line the streets of St. Peter and Gustavus as move-in day commences and the fall semester of 2016 gets underway. For many students, however, this is a period of great stress. The reason for this being they […]

Everyone deserves a safe space

University of Chicago is a beautiful campus with plenty of room for a “safe” space.

Fall is in the air. Friends and family are moving their loved ones into cozy dorm rooms and apartments. Students are marching off to classes, excited about learning, or eager to see if that one cutie will be sitting across […]

Title IX Compliance: Work Remains to be Done at Gustavus

149. That’s how many more varsity spots are open to men than women at Gustavus. 149 more opportunities to compete at varsity level college athletics, despite the fact that the student body is about 54 percent female and 46 percent […]

Rio Olympics was never a good idea

Darya Klishina was supposed to be the only Track and Field athlete to compete for Russia as she had not visited her home country in over three years. However, the IAAF and the IOC included her in the disqualification two days prior to the Women’s Long Jump qualifiers.

As August slowly came to an end, the Olympic flame shot out its final, struggling sparks over Rio. It’s over. Brazil survived. Just. The 2016 Summer Olympics will go down in history as one of the most scandalous, disorganized and […]

Pressure of Post-Grad Plans

Gustavus seniors graduate May 29. Post-grad Gusties face many new challenges and choices after their time at Gustavus.

There is inexpressible pressure that is pushed onto soon to be college graduates to find a job in their field before commencement day and I have been feeling that pressure since this January to find a job that pays the […]

Keeping in Touch

Birds are singing in the meadows and trees around the arboretum, rain falls softly outside windows, and the minds of students begin to stray towards thoughts of summer. As the semester winds to a close many will begin to pack […]