The Gustavian Weekly


Game On! Deer Opener and Safe Hunting

This week starts the beginning of a new month, which has all sorts of festivities. Thanksgiving is celebrated, Black Friday happens, and deer hunting season starts. An estimated 34 percent of Minnesotans hunt or fish which leads to our state […]

The Novelty of Banned Books

Many popular books such as those pictured above have been banned or challenged in the United States.

Books that are considered immoral and banned are the books that show the world its own shame. They can “damage” a person’s lifestyle, they include racial terms, some mention sexual situations, some include witchcraft, others have the audacity to include […]

Why Study Classics?

Mary McHugh is a professor in the Classics Department here at Gustavus.

Science and industry, the two pillars of society as many people and the government would have you believe. This notion is made even more prevalent by certain programs such as STEM within schools, as well as AP and CIS classes […]

Mental Illness Doesn’t Carry a Gun

Gustavus’s Counseling Center provides services to many gusties, and even offers 12 free sessions to Gusties who want help with anything from mental illness issues to the general stress of being a college student.

World Mental Health Awareness Day was held last Saturday and I celebrated by being mentally ill. That’s a bad joke, sorry. I’m mentally ill every day of the year, but I felt just a little bit more bitter about it […]

Columbus Day Shouldn’t Be a Holiday

Columbus Day is heavily celebrated in some communities and cities.

Columbus Day: no parades, no parties, and depending on where you live, you may or may not get a day off of school. It doesn’t really seem like a big deal, just another event reminder on your Google Calendar. So […]

Got Grace?

Images of a dove are often associated with Grace in many Christian denominations.

As I read through my social media feeds I tend to see very happy individuals out doing things they love. Activities such as apple picking, hanging out with friends, eating lots of Domino’s, and for some reason even more apple […]

Living in the Gustavus Bubble

In many of the red parking permit lots students have a hard time finding a spot close to the residential hall they live in.

The Gustavus bubble is real. Without buses, subways, or any other way of public transportation, carless Gusties are trapped on campus. Part of this problem is that 83 percent of the student population comes from within the state, and so […]

Ghost in the Machine: Vulnerability in an Age of Technology

Cell phones are a valuable target for hackers with many people now storing sensitive information such as their billing info and passwords in their devices.

You’re sitting in a coffee shop, reading the latest issue of the GUSTAVIAN WEEKLY, when you get a message on your smartphone. You pull out your phone and check it out, and while you have it out you also check […]

The Pope Visits America; What Gusties Aren’t Talking About

Pope Francis has become popular for his message as well as his personality.

For the first time in his life Jorge Mario Bergoglio, more commonly known as Pope Francis, traveled to the United States of America. Millions traveled far and wide to come see Pope Francis’s arrival to the United States in September […]

The Farce That Is Politics

Donald Trump has been one of the most entertaining and popular candidates to watch, making many question the seriousness of politics in the United States.

Groucho Marx once said, “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.” Two hundred and twenty six years ago, we had our very first president, George Washington. Our very […]