The Gustavian Weekly


“You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train”

This is my last column with The Gustavian Weekly. It has been my greatest joy to contribute to our humble college paper. I am so grateful to our loyal readers (hi Mom and Dad), and to Gustavus for providing a […]

Let’s figure out our crap and move to Mars

I am not a Star Wars guy. I like the movies, don’t get me wrong, but for me (trigger warning advised) they are nothing more than action-packed hours of splish-splash with laser infused swords. I am, however, truly fascinated by […]

Let’s Engage in Civil Discourse

Many people have varied ideas on what is best for themselves and the collective health of humanity. It is because of these varied ideas and interpretations of those ideas that conflict arises and tensions mount. That is also the reason […]

The Nipple Effect

Spring means stress, sleep deprivation, and a shortage of clothed male students. This week, campus was crawling in male students throwing frisbees, playing campus golf, and studying in the grass all in the absence of shirts. Campus Safety was nowhere […]

Prison for Victims, Playground for Perps

A young woman dragged a mattress across her campus to protest Columbia University’s mishandling of her sexual assault complaint. A young man at Gustavus Adolphus College was assigned a 500-word essay about consent as punishment for sexual assault. Now, a […]

Socialism: It’s Not What You Think It Is

Socialism is not a viable economic system. I have seen countless articles, posts, and blogs extolling the virtues of socialism while demonizing free-markets. They argue that all the world’s ills are impacted by this “inherent” evil of free-enterprise. Yet, only […]

Dear White Gusties

Dear White Gusties, if you are looking for a fun, casual, and entertaining way to get educated on racism, I suggest you head to Netflix and turn on the recently released Netflix original “Dear White People.” The show revolves around […]

“You Knew Damn Well I Was A Snake…”

In the early 1990s in Rwanda, a popular radio station backed by Hutu extremists began broadcasting racist propaganda. The country was submerged in hateful rhetoric which denigrated the Tutsi minority as inyenzi, meaning cockroach. Leading up to the genocide that […]

On-Campus Critters

Humanity has shared a bond with other animals for a long time, for farming purposes, or for companionship. As time has marched forward, so has the way modern pets are taken care of and the restrictions on where they can […]

An Alum Reflects on Off-Campus Living

Only once in my 52 years on this planet have I been fortunate enough to live on Main Street, America.  That would be my senior year at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, living in an apartment just off […]