De-stress Fest is here to help Gusties take the first step to managing stress

Katie Samek-

The GustieWELL Office and the Peer Assistants would like to invite you to relax, rewind, and let go of your worries about finals for a while at De-Stress Fest. This event will be held on Wednesday, December 6th from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in the JCC-Heritage, St. Peter, and Three Crowns Banquet Rooms, all of which are located on the upper floor of the Jackson Campus Center.

This year’s De-Stress Fest features several new activities to help Gusties unwind during finals season, including but not limited to aromatherapy socks, massage and pressure point therapy, DIY zen gardens, stick-and-send letters, and much more. Along with all of these events, there will be doorbuster prizes and a giveaway raffle for attending the event, with prizes including UGG slippers, two Squishmallows, two Comfies, a heated blanket, a weighted blanket, an essential oil diffuser, a wax melter, a professional massage, and many more prizes!

Several other campus organizations will also be in attendance during De-Stress Fest, each with their own collaborative events and special topics. The Campus Activities Board will be hosting a Spa Day, with a build-your-own hot cocoa station and self-made spa kits. The Counseling Center will be focusing on mindfulness exercises and responses to stress cycles, as well as walkthroughs on setting goals for finals and a fidget toy giveaway. The Digital Wellbeing Peer Mentors will be targeting and promoting digital mindfulness strategies. Health Services, Learn to Live, and the campus dietician will also be on-site during this event to provide helpful tips and strategies regarding overall well-being.

“As we come to the last weeks of the semester and finals, students are generally experiencing high levels of stress,” GustieWELL Coordinator Justine Schultz said. “The GustieWELL and Peer Assistants are hosting De-Stress Fest with the intent to help students understand the negative impacts of stress and learn healthy ways to cope with stress. All students would greatly benefit from attending to learn and engage in stress reduction strategies, and have a great time doing so.”

The GustieWELL Office has been hosting De-Stress Fest for several years now and is dedicated to providing quality wellness education and resources that support and enhance the lifestyles of our students. Student attendance is routinely high at this event -usually numbering in the hundreds- and has become a great way for students to engage with several of the well-being services offered on campus during one of the most stressful times of their school year.

“The Peer Assistants are an integral part of the GustieWELL Office and mission,” Schultz said. “Without their constant efforts and contributions, this event would not be made possible.”

Students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of de-stressing skills at De-Stress Fest, as the event is designed to provide students with the tools they need to manage stress and promote overall well-being. By participating in De-Stress Fest, students can gain insights into effective stress management, develop practical skills for well-being, and discover resources to support their mental health throughout their academic journey. By equipping students with tools that extend long beyond the event, they can leave De-Stress Fest knowing they can take a healthier and more balanced approach to life.

“This event is meant to be a space to step away from stressors,” Mental Health Therapist for the Counseling Center Jessica Auel said. “We want students to know that they are not alone in facing academic challenges and that we are here to help. De-Stress Fest intentionally gets students together by creating an environment that fosters genuine human connections and support networks, which is crucial in promoting overall well-being.”

With finals and the end of the semester rapidly approaching, the GustieWELL Office would like to encourage students to keep a close eye on their physical, mental, and emotional health in the last few weeks before Christmas break. Stress can negatively impact all aspects of college life, and it’s important for students to check in with themselves during this difficult time and make sure they’re not overworking themselves. Events like De-Stress Fest not only serve to remind students to slow down and take time for themselves amidst a hectic finals schedule but also provide them with a space to reconnect with their peers and supply them with the tools they need to finish their semester strong.

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