Gustie’s Guide to First-year resources

Carter Brown – Staff Writer

Welcome to campus incoming class of 2025. As you finish move-in and classes start, you will begin to explore all the buildings here at Gustavus Adolphus College. Those buildings offer a wide variety of resources for students to utilize during their college experience and support them. To begin, the Jackson Campus Center is where you can find things such as the Gustavus Post Office, Health Services, the Book Mark, Campus Activities office, the Residential Life office and Diversity Center. In Anderson Hall, there is the Academic Support Center and the Bonnier Multifaith Center. Confer and Vickner Hall, nicknamed “ConVick”, share a building together and house the Writing Center and the Culpeper Language Learning Center.

Technology services is located in Olin hall, and all of these buildings have study spots or empty rooms available for you to study in, including some not mentioned such as Nobel Hall or Beck Hall. Some centers, such as the Diversity Center, the Multifaith Center or Campus Activities often host different activities or events as well, with the Multifaith Center and Diversity Center’s events often geared towards inclusivity-inspired events, and Campus Activities hosting more “generalized” events. Around the campus in the town of St. Peter, there are also places such as the Diamond Dust Bakery and River Rock Coffee that are student-friendly and offer study areas.

With all these indoor activities and resources there is also the question of COVID-19 guidelines. Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communication Barbara “Barb” Larson Taylor was able to give a refresher and elaborate on some new guidelines in light of the new COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

Masks are required until September 20 in all indoor buildings, in motor vehicles when traveling for college-related activities, and in indoor dining areas except when actively eating or drinking. Masks are not required in personal spaces such as your dorm room when the room is closed, and only when you are alone or with your roommate. There will also be no eating or drinking in indoor areas that are not designated as dining areas. However, drinks are permitted in the classroom but face coverings must be worn while drinking, if necessary.

“Based on the current CDC guidance, people who are fully vaccinated do not have to be in isolation/quarantine due to symptoms or COVID-19 exposure. Masking requirements are the same for all people on campus, regardless of their vaccination status”, Taylor said. However,  all individuals, regardless of vaccination status will have to isolate or quarantine themselves if they test positive for COVID-19.

In addition, unvaccinated individuals will be required to test weekly, which will occur on Wednesday mornings in the Lund Center from 8:30-10:30 a.m. This event will be open to anyone on campus regardless of vaccination status. No appointment is necessary, and you will need to provide your insurance card.

“We will continue to modify COVID-19 mitigation strategies as needed. Our hope is that restrictions due to COVID-19 can be lifted based on low cases within our community and state. Our high vaccination rate, regular testing, and amazing community members put us in a strong position compared to other communities. However, we will need to evolve as the pandemic evolves”, Taylor said.

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