Issue 0 Variety

Caf Tips and Tricks

1. Be creative with ingredients and combine things you might not think to otherwise.

2. Don’t get a tray or everyone will know you are a First- year.

3. If you have extra money, drop some on friends or BYOB (bring your own bag) to stock up on snacks.

4. If you’re looking for a warm comfort snack on a cold Minnesota winter night, put your cookies on top of some aluminum foil and send them through the toaster.

5. If the cashier asks you if you got a second serving of wontons, say you asked for one whether you actually did or not.

6. If you bring a dirty tray back from hill sledding, the dish room workers are liable to throw silverware at you from the sides of the carousel.

Gustie Lingo

Caf: the Cafeteria, which is located in the Jackson Campus Center.

ConVick: Confer and Vickner, one building that has two names (for some reason) is located on the Southwest side of campus near Pittman and Sohre.

Coed: The name for Norelius Hall. We refer to it as Coed because it was the first building on campus to house both men and women.

Arb: the Linnaeus Arboretum is located on the Southwest side of campus. It’s a really nice place to relax until you remember that it’s named after a racist ol’ scientist.

Kato: Mankato, the closest town where there is lots of shopping.

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