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Day: October 2, 2015 | The Gustavian Weekly

Issue 4

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Football Hot Streak Continues, Defeats Augsburg in Homecoming Encounter

This past Saturday was a big day at Gustavus. Current students, Gustie alumni, friends and family, among many others crowded the campus for Homecoming festivities. Perhaps one of the busiest events on campus was the annual Homecoming Football game where […]

Women’s Rugby Keeps on Growing

The Gustavus Women’s Rugby team plays a challenging game many are unfamiliar with. With rules such as the ball can only be passed backwards, it is no surprise the game can be described as organized chaos. “It is the most […]

Men’s Soccer Struggles to Find Rhythm

Senior Spotlight – Becca Woodstra

Q: What are your expectations for the season? A: I had high expectations for my senior season. I knew we had some great talent coming in and that each and every person on the team was recommitted and ready to […]

The Necessity of the Collective

Since the Ronald Regan era, it seems like emphasis has been placed on the individual over the collective. A collective can be one’s local organizations or even the United States as a whole; the individual can be the self or, […]

Are You Sexually Liberated?

I hope that title grabbed your attention, and if it did grab your attention you’re probably not sexually liberated. You read that correctly. If you read that title, and immediately decided this article would be worth your time you are […]

Legalized Robbery: The Injustice of Civil Asset Forfeiture

The United States of America strives for justice within its borders, yet the government shamelessly allows an injustice against its innocent citizens on a regular basis. Civil Asset Forfeiture is a law under which, even without evidence of a crime, […]

Dating is a Game and We’re All Players

Cause you know I love the players, and you love the game,” Taylor Swift cheers in her hit song, “Blank Space”. She’s satirizing the media’s perception of her, but us non-celebrities sing along with non-sarcastic gusto. Because after we’ve been […]

Strategic Action Plan Conference Calls for Students’ Input

Gustavus held a campus wide conversation regarding the future of the College. Gustavus President Rebecca Bergman presented the College’s strategic plan for 2016-2026 to students, faculty, and administrators in the Lund Arena. Bergman displayed a PowerPoint presentation for the first […]