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By Kevin Pajor Entertainment Editor | October 31, 2014 | Calendar

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“ Terror is the desire to save your own a**, but horror is rooted in sympathy.”– Joe Hill

3. Creator of The Nightmare Before Christmas

6. What costumed kids say for candy

8. This carved vegetable represents the souls of the dead

10. Ghost in Mario

12. Mummies were wrapped in this type of bandage

14. Vehicle type that transports the deceased

15. Transforms when the full moon shines


1. One whose job is to take care of the dead

2. Dracula transforms into this

4. Where “The Legend of the Headless Horseman” arose.

5. Mary Shelley’s famous horror novel

7. These get dipped in caramel

9. Enemies in The Walking Dead

11. Shelob, in The Lord of the Rings

13. Vampires are repelled by this

Issue 8 crosswordedited

1. Undertaker

2. Bat

3. Timburton

4. Sleepyhollow

5. Frankenstein

6. Treakortreat

7. Apple

8.  Pumpkin

9. Zombies

10. Boo

11. Spider

12. Linen

-Kevin Pajor