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Campus Safety Rides

By Tram Bui News Editor | September 13, 2013 | News

In response to student dissatisfaction with the escort route,  Campus Safety has again altered the way students can safely travel around campus.

Campus Safety Sergeant Mike English has been with Campus Safety for 14 years, and is changed with handling student employees.

“Years ago, we had an escort program where students would call in for a ride. It would be backed up too much. People would flood the lines waiting for calls,” English said.

Previously, student drivers would drive around a course similar to a bus route. With 14 —selected pick up destinations, Campus Safety drivers would wait for students.

“It wasn’t real popular with students. If they chose to take a ride, they would have to stop at every stop until they reached where they were going,” English said.

Campus Safety has gone to an updated and much more efficient safe ride system after listening to student concern.

“We created a team of 5 people, alternating between one driver, one caller, and three students patrolling the academic buildings,” English said.

For accurate information, students can refer to the Campus Safety Report on page 2 of the publication.

“This is really a student-handled program who take care of those students. It will be safer and much more effective,” English said.

Sophomore Carl Neumann, a Safety Rides driver, comments on the previous state of the system.

“It’s already 100 times better than our last system. It’s more efficient and less wasteful. It’s a good move. Instead of driving, when you post at a place, people are more willing to come up to you. In the real world, this just works better,” Neumann said.