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Orientation 2012

By The Weekly Staff | September 7, 2012 | Features

“Orientation weekend was jam-packed with social activities, greeter group meetings, academic advising sessions and much more.” -Kristen Campbell

A message to the incoming first-years is written in chalk by their greeters.

Football team members help new students bring their heavy items up to their rooms.








“I wanted to be a resource for new students and let them know I am someone they could turn to in this new place” –Lydia Benge Briggs

A group of excited Greeters gets ready for move in day.

“My advice to new students is one that is commonly heard: be yourself. Gustavus is a very caring community that embraces our differences.” -Ashley Petersen

First-years snap a photo before heading to President’s Banquet.

New and old students pose during President’s Banquet.









 “As much as I wanted to sleep in on my last weekend here on campus before class began, I was happy I went to the meeetings. I wouldn’t have seen so many familiar faces in my classes if it weren’t for my Greeter group. It was so amusing watching all the Greeters that I actually want to be one now.” –Amanda Krema

New students and their greeter play games after a day of activities.

Students play games with their greeter and new friends.

New friends dance at the traditional square dance.









“I love to see the first-years – some excited, some nervous, but all fresh and hoping this place will give them the best four years yet” -Lydia Benge Briggs

A view from the hill on move in day.