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Day: March 2, 2012 | The Gustavian Weekly

Track vaults into the outdoor season

The track team has run countless miles around the track, sprinted, vaulted and jumped far and high, all indoors. They are getting ready to take their talents outside for the outdoor track and field season. “In the outdoor season, we […]

Tough Mudder: toughest event on the planet

Heather Pallas.

Are you bored with the local fun runs and turkey trots? Then consider the Tough Mudder, a global event within a growing obstacle course industry that will test your physical grit and mental psyche. The Twin Cities Tough Mudder will […]

Farewell, old friends

The hometown Minnesota Twins are coming off one of the worst seasons in recent memory. The Twins became a staple of late season playoff pushes; in 2011 the squad was fending off triple digits in the loss column. The full […]

a sexualization of a beloved disney character

Calendar (03/02/12)

* The Calendar Page is considered editorial. The opinions expressed herein are not the opinions of The Gustavian Weekly, but is in fact  a giant bucket of turpentine where your gallon of two percent milk used to be. What is […]


Did you hear about the ultrasound law that was proposed in Virginia? It requires all women who seek an abortion to first undergo a mandatory ultrasound. The problem here is that the large majority of these abortions occur within the […]

The best offense is no offense

One of the many things which has stuck in my craw over the years is the ease with which people take offense. When you really stop and think about the actual nature of taking offense it becomes a very silly […]

A Lutheran love letter to atheism

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that a large portion of our student body, particularly ones who were raised in Minnesota, identify as Lutheran when asked, even if they are not practicing Lutherans. If asked, I would […]

Make your sellout count

Make Your Life Count. Gustavus’ catchphrase for its advertising campaign is still buzzing in our ears. It has changed people’s perception of the school (for good and bad in different circumstances, but this is not the point), and of us […]

RE: New Gus Logo

To The Administration, I was on campus this past weekend, and I was shocked and saddened to find out that the “old” Gus logo was abandoned. “Old” Gus was iconic and classy and, for me, it was the symbol for […]