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COVID-19 Online Issue: March 26th, 2020

Gustavian Weekly Issue 18

Senior Congratulation Notices: Deadline Extended

To: Parents of Senior Gustavus Students Re: Senior Congratulation Notices: Deadline Extended The Gustavian Weekly is offering parents of Gustavus seniors the opportunity to recognize their graduate with a Congratulation Notice. Appearing in the last issue of The Weekly, notices […]

AAUP publishes annual survey of faculty salaries

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) released its annual report on faculty salaries recently. The data is interesting because it places faculty compensation in relation to other colleges and universities from across the country. So where does Gustavus place? […]

Congratulation Notices: A great way to recognize your senior!

Dear Parents of Gustavus Seniors: The Gustavian Weekly would like to offer you, as the parent of a graduating senior, the chance to congratulate your child in a very special way. The final issue of The Gustavian Weekly will publish […]

Clarifying “tabloid”

In recent weeks, I have heard several people attribute a quote to me that The Weekly is a “tabloid” and “not a real source for campus news.” I would like to say that I have never said this or anything […]

Dirty water kills millions

I thought I would share an interesting article that relates to Gustavus’s most recent Nobel Conference on water. In a report released yesterday, the United Nations said that polluted water kills more people than war. According to the report, 1.8 […]

Building Bridges homily

Building Bridges is coming up this week, and there are a number of events leading up to the weekend conference, which is on immigration this year. One of the events was a homily by Rebekah Schulz, co-chair of the conference. […]

Response to the Letter to the Editor from Angelica Matthes

I wanted to clarify a few things that may have confused some of our readers about our story on the sexual assaults reported to campus authorities a few weeks ago, specifically some things brought up in Angelica Matthes’ Letter to […]

This Week in The Gustavian Weekly Feb. 12, 2010

This week’s issue of The Weekly includes coverage of Black History Month and the upcoming month of environmental competitions. Also, our favorite shady character is hilarious this week!

Caucuses on Tuesday

The precinct caucuses will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 2. At locations across the state, Minnesotans will be given a chance to voice their opinions on who will be their party’s candidates for local and state races, […]