Advertisement Policies

  • The Weekly reserves the right to refuse advertising in order to protect readers from fraudulent claims, maintain a high level of journalistic integrity and adhere to college guidelines and The Weekly’s Editorial Policy. With this in mind, The Weekly does not accept advertising which, in its view: degrades either sex; contains attacks of a sexist, racist, personal or religious nature; makes exaggerated or deceptive offers; is of unusual layout size; or, may be confused with regular news material in appearance. The Weekly will not accept advertisements for: term paper or research services, abortion referral services, personal ads involving dating or political campaigns supporting or endorsing a particular candidate.
  • The Weekly will restrict the inclusion of alcohol references in advertising. In accordance with the college’s Alcohol Policy, The Weekly will not accept advertising which promotes an event where the primary activity is alcohol consumption or encourages the excessive use or abuse of alcohol.
  • The Weekly may reject other ads at its discretion.
  • Notifications must be received before 5:00 p.m. on the Monday before the desired publication date. Cancellations must also be received by this time.
    The Gustavian Weekly reserves the right to stop publishing ads for advertisers who have past due accounts.
  • If an ad order for a series of discounted consecutive ads is canceled after any number of ads has already been printed, the price for the printed ads reverts to the flat rate plus a $20 administrative fee.
    A copy of your printed ad may be requested after the payment is received. Subscriptions are also available.
  • By placing an ad, the advertiser agrees to take full legal responsibility for the advertisement and to indemnify and hold harmless The Gustavian Weekly and Gustavus Adolphus College from any claims, lawsuits, judgments, legal fees and costs that it may incur on account of the advertisement or in enforcing this agreement.

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