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Emma KelseyStaff Writer

Firethorne, The Gustavus Journal of Literary and Graphic Arts, is a magazine that is composed solely of student work, and is made each year by Associate Professor of English Matthew Rasmussen’s Editing and Publishing class as their main project. Professor Rasmussen It consists of non-fiction and fiction literature, as well as prose, poetry, and art. Any student, regardless of experience or major, is welcome to submit their works. They are currently accepting submissions until March 17th.

Prose editor, Junior Elliot Steeves, shares his knowledge on the magazine. “It used to be an actual organization, run by [Professor] Philip Bryant, and at some point it shifted to be Matthew’s course on editing and publishing. The class is divided into various roles for [the] editing [process]. For example, I am one of three editors of prose fiction, so I will be receiving the entire slush pile along with the others and we will parse through it for inclusion. There are two or three poetry, art, and nonfiction editors each who do similar things in those areas. There is a person who does the marketing and publicity. There are one or two copyeditors, who specialize in being grammar dictators. Finally, there are the two design editors, which is exactly what it sounds like. What I will say is that everyone does a little bit of everything; these are just specialized titles. If you are with the team making Firethorne, part of doing well in the course is getting as hands-on as possible,” Steeves said.

Those who want to submit their works can go on to the Firethorne Instagram, at @firethorne_gac, or scan the QR code on the posters for Firethorne to access the link where you can submit your own work.


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