Students look forward to upcoming concerts

Emma KelseyStaff Writer

This Friday, Nov. 18, the Gustavus Philharmonic Orchestra and the Campus Band will be performing their fall concert, directed by Karin Moreaux and Brady Krusemark, respectively. The concert will take place in Björling Recital Hall at 7:30 p.m., and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Miguel Sousa is the Director of Fine Arts Programs in Marketing and Communication, he acknowledges the Philharmonic Symphony isn’t the biggest orchestra on campus, but is distinct and integral to the Gustavus music scene. “The Gustavus Philharmonic Orchestra is similar to an orchestra, but you only have string members. So violins, violas, and cellos. So it’s smaller compared to the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra,” Sousa said.

Karin Moreaux, director of the Gustavus Philharmonic Orchestra, shares her enthusiasm and hopes for the performance. “We hope to have success in the music we are performing and have fun too! It should be a good program with a broad range of music,” Moreaux said. She shares that they are performing movements from Schostakovich’s 8th String Quartet. “[It’s] a very solemn piece, dedicated to the victims of facism and war,” Moreaux said. To contrast, they will also play two cheerful pieces by Leroy Anderson which she says will definitely make the audience smile.

Synnove Hunnes, a Sophomore and principal second violin player in the Philharmonic Orchestra, says that she hopes they can successfully play Shostakovich’s 8th String Quartet. “I am a little worried because my stand partner just got COVID, so there might only be three second violins,” Hunnes said. However, the piece remains one of her favorites. “The cellos, violas, and second violins all get to play in unison which has a cool effect. I am also looking forward to The Carol of the Bells because it’s Christmas!” Hunnes said.

Hunnes also shares that the ensemble only has one practice a week, so they’ve been doing a lot of preparation on their own outside of class.

First-year Lex Jahnsen, a principal cello player, says preparation has been exciting for the group. “There’s been a decent amount of challenge, but we’ve prepared well for it. It’ll also be nice to move onto new pieces after the concert!” Jahnsen said. He shares that he hopes people will find joy in their music and that the audience can have a good time. 

Jahnsen is also very excited to perform Shostakovich’s 8th String Quartet. “It’s been a very interesting piece to play, with dark and moody parts but also with softer moments. It’ll be an engaging piece to listen to,” Jahnsen said.

Concert master and First-year Maddy Puhrmann hopes that the ensemble can successfully work together as a group and put on a good performance. “We’ve been working hard every Wednesday and I hope we are able to showcase that hard work through our music,” Puhrmann says. Puhrmann is especially excited to perform Leroy Anderson’s “Jazz Pizzicato and Legato.” “These pieces are upbeat and have been extremely fun to practice during rehearsal, and I hope the audience enjoys them,” Puhrmann said. 

Director Moreaux expresses joy in working with the students in preparation for the upcoming concert. “As a Gustavus graduate myself, conducting an ensemble at my alma mater is so much fun. The students are amazing to work with and we have a great time rehearsing each week. I am really looking forward to our performance this Friday night!” Moreaux said.