Gusties welcome another HOCO season

The WeeklyEditorial Staff 

Potential trigger warning: This article mentions sexual assault, specifically sexual assault on campus

While the Rave is a fun opportunity for Gusties to celebrate homecoming and have some fun before getting back to the drudgery of schoolwork and assignments, it is important to stay safe, protect yourself, and know who to reach out to in case of an emergency.

It’s no secret that almost all of us have a friend or know of someone who’s been sexually assaulted on campus, and for some of us– we might even be that friend. And while crime overall is minimal at Gustavus in comparison with other big universities, it’s still important that each of us are aware of our surroundings. Especially when the statistics show that sexual violence is more prevelent at college compared to other crimes, and that more than 50% of sexual assaults happen between August and November. 

I’m sure we’ve all personally heard too many stories of female presenting individuals being assaulted during the rave and/or stalked and assaulted after leaving, so here are some (unfortunately) useful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Go with a group, stay with your group, and leave with your group. Don’t go anywhere alone or let your friends go anywhere by themselves, even if that means tagging along as a third wheel while they go and talk to their crush.
  2. Carry pepper spray or your own equivalent in case you end up needing to defend yourself or others.
  3. Know where the exits are and have a meet up spot planned with your friends in case someone gets lost
  4. Be there for each other! See something, say something– no matter who it is, even a close friend
  5. Bring your water and dress expecting to be warm– don’t let yourself get dizzy and pass out!
  6. Limit your exposure to substances that might diminish your ability to think critically and process your surroundings. Unfortunately, it’s important to make sure you can be as aware of your surroundings as possible.
  7. Don’t be afraid to say no, even if you’re worried about coming across as “mean.” Your boundaries should ALWAYS be respected. And that means ALWAYS ASKING FOR CONSENT. We know it’s close proximity and bodies bump, but be sure to get consent before touching anyone anywhere
  8. And trust your instincts. If someone or something seems sketchy, it probably is
  9. Make sure that you know where to find help if you need it, whether it be the Campus Safety officers scattered around, the blue poles on campus, or even another friend you didn’t expect to see.
  10. Lastly, here is the number for SART, make sure to have it saved in the event (hopefully not) you need it! 507-933-6868