Involvement fair returns to campus

Mel PardockStaff Writer

With the first week of classes drawing to a close, Gusties all across campus are gearing up for the 2022 Involvement Fair. The fair provides students to advertise their orgs and showcase their values, their goals, and what they do around campus to their peers. It also provides those not in orgs or those looking to get even further involved on campus with a chance to see and experience the wide array of missions, interest, and merit-based clubs and organizations that the Gustavus community has to offer. 

“The purpose of the Involvement Fair is to give students the opportunity to browse the various options they have to get involved on campus. There will be over 100 student organizations, departments, and community partners spread out throughout the mall. They will have posters, sign-ups, and free giveaways to help students learn more about what it would look like to get involved with their organization,” Assistant Director of Campus Activities Garrett Meier said.

The Involvement Fair involves so many different student organizations and each organization has different goals and plans to help them differentiate themselves, recruit new members, and spread the word about what they do around campus and for the community they serve. As the new year begins, orgs are going all out to increase their numbers and promote themselves.

“Plans that we have for the Involvement Fair includes handing out stickers, engaging with people, and giving them information about our organization along with possibly talking about future events that we may have. We want anyone that supports women to join our organization,” Senior and Women’s Action Coalition Co-President Leah Meyer said. 

The Involvement Fair takes place each year to keep Gusties involved on campus. Staying involved keeps you close to your community, and can provide you with countless opportunities and new experiences.

“I think involvement on campus is super important. It is a way to meet new people and make new friends, especially ones that share the same passion as you and have the same interests. It can also give you really cool opportunities in the community around you. For me, being a part of WAC has taught me better leadership skills and group discussion skills which are very important for me and my future career,” Meyer said.

The Fair creates an atmosphere of togetherness and belonging for the Gustavus community, and it is one of the biggest, most notable social events of the semester. 

“EVERYONE comes to the Involvement Fair! It is one of the highlights of the semester! Involvement on campus has extensive positive benefits. It allows students to pursue interests they may have that are not a part of their major. It allows students to meet people, develop friendships, and feel a sense of belonging. Student organizations also give students opportunities to better themselves, the Gustavus community, and the St. Peter community,” Meier said.

This year, the Involvement Fair is going to be held from 5 to 7 p.m on Tuesday, September 13, in Eckman Mall. If you are looking to get more involved in the Gustavus community, find like-minded people, make some new connections, and get some free stuff, make sure to come out.