Letter From The Editor

Cadence Paramore Editor-in-Chief

Hello Gusties! We’re wishing you a warm welcome here at the Weekly to our incoming first-years, the class of 2026, and a welcome back to our sophomores, juniors, and seniors! 


My name is Cadence Paramore, and I will be the Editor-in-Chief of the Gustavian Weekly for this fall semester before I graduate in December. As Editor-in-Chief I would like to introduce myself and set the stage for what to anticipate and expect from your campus newspaper this semester.


I’m an English major with a double minor in Political Science and Film & Media Studies. I enjoy coffee (a bit too much), thrifting, all forms of artistic expression, and fantasy films and TV shows. I come from St. Paul where I live with my mom and three cats, and my journey with the Weekly began towards the end of my first semester at Gustavus when I was an opinion writer and photographer. 


Shortly after, the photography editor graduated and I was asked if I would like to take the position (I did). I worked as photography editor, still occasionally writing and taking pictures, the entirety of my sophomore year. Junior year, I was hired as the Assistant Editor-in-Chief. Now I’ve worked my way up from a shy first-year writer, to a much more confident senior Editor-in-Chief.


But enough about me, let’s get down to discussing this new era for the Weekly.


None of us are strangers to the knowledge that the newspaper is a dying form of communication, but to us editors and writers whose weeks almost solely revolve around the publication of this paper, we hope that our efforts can still be appreciated. However, as one of your peers, I understand that all of us are constantly bombarded with and overwhelmed by all the news that we already receive on a daily basis thanks to technology. This is where I come in, and my goal is to shake things up and make a much needed change.


As much as news can, and should at times convey the seriousness with which much information holds, I would like to make a promise to bring light and humor back to our campus paper. Especially in the times that we are living in, it’s imperative that we come back together as a community and fill our cups with laughter and hope to drink from with smiles. I want our paper to feel like a mug of hot cocoa on a snowy day, not a crappy cup of coffee you burned your tongue on as you hurried to your 8 am class.


So this semester, our paper will be dedicated to uplifting and celebrating each and every voice on campus. That includes YOU. Whether you’re one of our writers or not, I would personally love to hear your thoughts and opinions on anything that relates to us students today. Want to write an article occasionally? Send it my way! Don’t want to write, but have an idea of something you’d like to see us share with our community? Send me an email! 


Our newspaper is a freedom of expression, free from censorship and constraints. While our purpose is to provide information to our community, I would also like us to implement more of our sibling, the Fourth Crown’s, approach to information: humor and unrelenting honesty, even when it’s difficult to swallow.


As one of my favorite professors once said, ‘we critique the things we love most to better them.’ Our voices are powerful, and how we use that power reflects on each and every one of us. As your newspaper, our goal is to use the power of our collective voices to not only spread humor and relatability, but to continue to demand justice and change from our world.